On the fly

Ever browse the site you manage, only to spot a typo on a page you authored months ago?  The process of making small edits can be a little tedious.  But there is a new plugin available that can help!

Inline Edit will allow you to edit a post or page while you browse your site!  It places a little edit icon in the top left corner, and if an area needs a little clean up or tweaking, just click on the edit button, and you can make your changes without loading the admin panel.  Permission to edit is based on the same roles that grant permission in the admin panel, so only those who can edit content there, can edit content using this plugin.

While this plugin does not have the full features of the editor in the admin panel, it is great for quick edits and changes on the fly.

New plugin for contact forms

ArborSites now uses the MM Forms plugin to handle custom contact forms.  This allows for the following enhanced functionality:

  • Ability to store form submissions in the database
  • Ability to download results as a CSV file
  • Advanced form field generator

The previous plugin used for contact forms will be phased out this summer.

ArborSites in beta

Yep, we have moved into our beta phase, and are working on moving into “production” release  for the fall term.  Beta in this case means that we are still identifying key areas that need to be polished, and streamlining the process for setting up a site.  It also means that our limited pilot is over, and we are accepting more requests for new sites.

If you are interested in setting up a site for your department, event, or just a professional journal, just use the Request a Site link at the top of the page.