With the holiday weekend coming to a close we thought it would be nice to share the top five things we’re reading, watching and listening to in OAT right now. Enjoy:


1. Tapping into Active Learning and Multiple Intelligences with interactive Multimedia: A Low-Threshold Classroom Approach. This is a great research article we discussed for an upcoming OAT podcast, which talks about the connections between technology and active learning.


2. Training and Preparing Your Faculty for Teaching Online. Another great article featuring an interview with Charles D. Dziuban, director of the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness at the University of Central Florida.


3. How cognitive surplus will change the world: There have been a number of popular articles which have appeared on the NY Times, Wired, WSJ and blogs across the web – all on the topic of cognitive theory. Clay Shirky makes a great case for the benefits of cognitive surplus in this TED talk.



4. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: A great book by Carmine Gallo, which explains the process that Apple giant Steve Jobs uses when creating a presentation. There’s more planning involved than you might think. It’s interesting to see the simplicity he uses when making his Keynote presentations.


5. Blackboard On-Demand Learning Center: This one is for you early adaptors. With the Blackboard upgrade right around the corner, Blackboard has released a site dedicated to faculty interested in learning more about their next version. We’ve all but completed updated training materials for the upgrade, but it couldn’t hurt to take a peek, right?