The new Blackboard Upgrade Service Pack 11 will have the same wiki feel, but with a newer look. Students will now be able to simultaneously edit a wiki for better collaboration and group work.



GoToMeeting Session:

Wikis PPT slides – Download


Resource Videos:

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Why Use Wikis – Download PDF
Understand the uses and main goals associated with utilizing the wiki tool in Blackboard.

Creating Wikis – Download PDF
Learn how to create a wiki and format it to meet your course’s needs.

Commenting in Wikis – Download PDF
Collaborate and give feedback to students. Learn how to comment in a wiki and how to change commenting options.

Grading Wikis – Download PDF
Learn the options, settings, and process for grading wikis.

Wiki FAQs – Download PDF
Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about wikis. This document also addresses questions that were asked during the training session.