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January 5, 2012

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Not all delivery systems are created equal.  That’s why we’ve provided resources to meet students where they are at.  This page provides a list of resources that are available specifically to GPS graduate students.

If you have questions about the main campus undergraduate resources, contact Carl Pavey, Associate Dean, GPS Graduate Studies:

Phone: x 1653

Student Resources


Academic Advising

  • What:
    • Each student has an academic advisor. This is the person they should contact with questions about their graduation plan, general questions about their current major or switching their major.
  • Who:
    • Various professors in their major are their academic advisor, and for students who are undeclared, their academic advisor is Carl Pavey (ext. 1653).
Library Research Desk
  • What:
    • The library research desk is located in White Library on the main floor. Students should use this resource if they need assistance with general library use, finding research, or borrowing resources from other libraries.
  • Who:
    • Robbie Bolton (ext.1435/, the Education Librarian, can assist students in this area.
Account Counseling
  • The business office is where you’d want to go with any questions pertaining to the student’s account. Questions about paying student bills, T.M.S. (payment plan), or Higher One should be directed to this office.
  • Who:
    • Business Office – ext. 1420
Financial Aid Counseling
  • What:
    • The Financial Aid office will answer questions about loans, grants, and student’s financial aid award letters. If there are any changes to the factors that contribute to their financial aid, please let the financial aid counselor know.
Tech Services
  • What:
    • Contact Tech Services to assist students who need help with Blackboard, dealing computer trouble,  or logging in to MySAU portal.
    • Who:
Disability Accommodations
  • What:
    • Academic Student Connections provides various equipment and services to aid students with disabilities, and the ASC staff is trained to personally help meet the needs of students. The ASC professionals and peer workers can provide the following services:
      • Specialized Equipment
      • Recorded Books
      • Alternative Testing Location
      • Note Taking
      • And much more
      • Who:
        • Barb Coleman – ext. 1481 or come to Academic Student Connections in Sayre-Decan Hall (SDH) room 103 to schedule a meeting.


  • What:
    • If students need spiritual guidance, prayer, or a listening ear, they can contact Ron.
    • Who:
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