Grant Application

The original grant application which was published in June of 2010 had these program goals;

PROGRAM GOALS – This initiative addresses three interrelated goals:

1) To support faculty efforts to develop blended learning offerings which enhance learning opportunities for students.

2) To provide a mechanism where learning course outcomes in a pilot blended course can be measured in contrast to a face to face course with identical course objectives.

3)  To begin the process of detailing effective blended course strategies that meet the aim of the SAU concept and provide a rich learning experience for SAU students.

Please keep in mind that this proposal is fluid.  The final design and implementation process may be different from the original proposal as more information becomes available.  The blog will document the transformation process.  The final proposal will maintain the three program goals, but may extend its mission.

The Blended RFP and the Grant Proposal are attached.

Blended Learning RFP