The design of this blog is to be an informal place where ideas about blended learning can be shared.  One area that will be different than most discussions on blended learning is that this blog will incorporate some ideas relating to co-teaching in a blended learning format.

My wife Sharon Ottenbreit recently retired as a special education teacher of 30 years.  Since my area as an assistant professor is also special education, this gives us a unique opportunity to do some co-teaching.  We have conisistantly found that the co-teaching models between special education teachers and general education teachers in the field are very poor.  Most often these models showcase the special education teacher as an assistant who is not involved in lesson planning, but is being an academic helper in the classroom.

There are many more effective co-teaching models that can be used.  Our challenge in this blog is to develop ways that co-teaching can be demonstrated in a blended format.