To register for the Illuminating Words conference, go to our event page (this link will take you to Brown Paper Tickets to complete your registration). On this page, you can choose the appropriate registration (early-bird, regular, or undergraduate student) and, if relevant, purchase lunches and airport transportation.

Because this conference is generously sponsored by the Conference on Christianity and Literature, all presenters are also required to be current members of the CCL (undergraduate students who present or attend do not need to become members of the CCL). You can become a member or renew your membership on the Christianity and Literature website.


Graduate Student Awards 

In order to encourage graduate students to participate in regional meetings, CCL offers up to $500 for each regional meeting to meet travel expenses and conference registration fees for graduate students presenting papers. This money may be distributed to as many students as the region sees fit. Applicants must be CCL members in good standing and are expected to stay for the full conference at which they present a paper. Students may not receive an award more than twice. Preference is given to dissertation-level students whose research will be most enhanced by conference participation.

Applicants should send the following material to the conference director (Dr. Jeffrey Bilbro) by December 15, 2015:

1. A letter, not to exceed 400 words, stating the session in which the student is enrolled and explaining how this session relates to the student’s dissertation in progress.

2. An informational (not evaluative) letter from the student’s Director of Graduate Studies or Department Chair providing date of approval of the student’s dissertation topic; expected date of completion; date when all other degree requirements were completed; statement of departmental policy on travel support for graduate students; and amount of funding applicant will receive (if any) toward attendance of the meeting for which the student seeks assistance.

The director of the conference, in consultation with the CCL regional board director, will award one or more grants.  Awards should be announced no later than one month prior to the meeting for which the applicant seeks assistance. Recipients of the grant should submit their receipts to the conference director or the board member (whomever is so designated) who will forward them to the Treasurer of CCL for reimbursement. NO MONIES WILL BE DISBURSED WITHOUT RECEIPTS.  The name of the recipient, title of paper presented, his/her institution, and the amount awarded should be reported to the Vice President of CCL on the Conference Report Form.