5/5/16 SAPA Meeting Video – Dr. Doug Wilcoxson

2016-2017 SAPA Executive Committee

Retirement Planning Seminar with Dr. Globig – 2016

2016-2017 SAPA Committee Ballot

3/3/16 SAPA Meeting Video – Updates from the President’s Office

CapTrust Presentation – 2/23/16

2/11/16 SAPA Meeting Video – President Ellis and Cabinet Q&A

1/7/16 SAPA Meeting Video – Chris Blackstone

11/5/15 SAPA Meeting Video – Kimberly Rupert

10/8/15 SAPA Meeting Video – Malachi Crane

9/3/15 SAPA Meeting Video – Dr. Kim Hayworth

2015-16 SAPA Executive Comittee

Retirement Planning Seminar with Dr. Globig

4/7/15 SAPA Meeting Video – Mary Darling

Proposed Changes to SAPA By-Laws for April 2015 Special Ballot

2015 SAPA Chili Cook Off Winner

1/6/15 SAPA Meeting Video – Q & A with the President’s Cabinet

11/4/14 SAPA Meeting Video – Health and Wellness Panel Discussion

Myrtle Soars into Human Resources

Myrtle Flys into the Music Department

Myrtle Registers in for Appreciation

Myrtle Develops More Appreciation Student Development & Learning

9/9/14 SAPA Meeting Video

Myrtle Lands in Admissions

Myrtle Soars into the School of Education

2014-2015 SAPA Executive Committee Announced

Myrtle Returns to Technology Services

Myrtle Advances to Lynne Markiewicz

Myrtle Returns from the Archives!

Myrtle Travels Back in Time

Myrtle Isn’t Just “In the Air” She’s “On the Air”

Duties of SAPA Officers:

Myrtle Sweeps Over to Dave McCullum

Myrtle the Duck “Connects” with Barb Coleman

Myrtle Springs Into Admissions

3/18/14 SAPA Meeting Video

Myrtle Logs-In at Technology Services

Myrtle Makes Her First “Virtual Visit” at the Metro Detroit Site

Myrtle Heads to South Campus

2014 SAPA Chili Cook-Off Contest Results

Myrtle Makes Her Way Back to Technology Services

Myrtle Visits Instructional Design

Myrtle Heads to the Business Office

1/16/14 SAPA Meeting Video

Myrtle Visits Aaron Sanford

Myrtle Stops to “Chill” with Maintenance

Myrtle Makes Her First Visit of 2014

Myrtle Moves West

Myrtle Moves Again

Myrtle Checks-In at Registration

Myrtle Visits Dianna Harmon

Myrtle Heads Northeast in December

Myrtle Works Her Way Over to the Physical Plant

Myrtle Waddles Back to the Business Office

Myrtle “Hits the Books” at White Library

Myrtle Rolls Into Admissions

Terri Reeves Hosts Myrtle This Week

Tom Reynolds Recognized with the Myrtle Award

11/5/13 SAPA Meeting Video & Handouts

Myrtle Arrives at Academic Affiars