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Myrtle Touches Down in the Athletic Department

Myrtle and Julie M.

Last Friday, Myrtle touched down in the Athletic Department (yes, even though we don’t have a football team here at SAU, that was intended to be a pun).  Julie McCourtie, Secretary of the Athletic Department was honored for the great work she does with all of our athletic teams and events.

Here is what  was said about Julie:

“Julie does an amazing job with faculty, staff and students at the Fieldhouse. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help out in any way that she can. Thank you Julie for your continued service at SAU.”

10/1/13 SAPA Meeting Recap & Video

We had another great turnout for our October SAPA meeting in the RCF.  If you missed this meeting you missed the best SAPA snack display I have ever seen.  Special thanks to Student Development and the Athletics department!  Here are the other highlights:

  • Biggest Loser competition is underway.  Be sure to encourage those who are participating.
  • The President’s Leadership Team is designed to be a channel of communication to and from the administration.  The team meets monthly with the President.  If you have questions or concerns please communicate with the representative from your area who serves on that team.
  • Ryan Cottingham, Athletic Director and Head Coach of our Men’s Basketball team, delivered a few words and introduced his coaching staff.
  • President Ellis shared a short devotional from Genesis focusing on the birth of Ishmael and Isaac, and then he answered questions from the audience.

Just in case you missed it, here is the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Sue Hatt Receives Myrtle via “Air Mail”

Myrtle and Sue H.

Myrtle flew over to M & D to pay a visit to Sue Hatt, Duplicating Services Assistant.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Sue:

October 10, 2013

Dear Sue,
I want you to have Myrtle as I believe you to be as pleasant and customer-service oriented as you are hardworking and proficient in the various hats you wear.

The variety of copying services you offer from plain 8 1/2×11 copying up to 11 x 17 copying; to making and binding notebooks and manuals to the making of posters, the wonderful color printing; from overseeing the student worker’s delivery of the campus mail, and facilitating the delivery of overseas mail, campus package mailing, and assisting with student pick up of their packages; and passing out mailbox keys. You juggle many tasks and are consistently calm and pleasant and helpful.

It’s a pleasure to work with you, Sue, you are an asset to the SAU operation.


Myrtle Arranges a Visit with Sharon Frantz

Myrtle and Sharon F.

Last week, Tom Zeller gave Myrtle to Sharon Frantz, Secretary for Global Studies and Initiatives.

Tom has this to say about Sharon:

“Sharon works tirelessly for the Cross Cultural Department arranging the visiting scholars schedules, housing and personal needs. She also makes all the arrangements for our scholars as they travel to other countries. Sharon is ALWAYS gracious no matter how busy she is.”

Thank you Sharon for all you do!

Tom Zeller Receives Myrlte

Myrtle and Tom

Today, Myrtle paid a visit to Tom Zeller, Supervisor of Maintenance Services.  Here’s what was said in appreciation of Tom:

“Tom goes above and beyond to help out staff & students. We appreciate his willingness to help out anytime that he can. He does an great job and always has a smile on his face. Thank you again for all you do for everyone here at SAU.”

Great Job, Tom!

Myrtle lands in Registration

Myrtle and Leslie

Last week, Leslie Paruch, Academic Records Coordinator, was honored for her “over-the-top service to staff and students.”

Great work, Leslie!