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Myrtle Works Her Way Over to the Physical Plant

Myrtle and Matt

Today, Myrtle made her way over to the Physical Plant and into the hands of Matt Cousino, Maintenance Technician.  Here’s what was said in appreciation of Matt:

Dear Matt,

I appreciate your hard work, cheerful and caring attitude, and innovative spirit.  You always put in 110% into making the campus buildings sparkle and giving needed updates.  You stay late to clean up leaks and flooded places around campus.  You care for students, faculty, and staff alike.  You always say hello and will ask people how they are doing and truly mean it, and want a response.  I appreciate that you are always willing to help and seek a better process.  Keep up the great work!  Glad you are part of the SAU Team!

Congratulations, Matt!

Myrtle Waddles Back to the Business Office

Myrtle and Kristen

This week, Myrtle made her way back over to the Business Office and onto the desk of Kristen Hall.  Here is what was said about Kristen:

Dear Kristen, 

I hope you know that your assistance and understanding has always been appreciated.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.  Thank you for your dedication and hard work at SAU.  Have a blessed week and holiday season.


Congratulations on receiving Myrtle, Kristen!

Myrtle “Hits the Books” at White Library

Last week, Myrtle made her way to White Library.  Her destination was the desk of Lois Hunt, Circulation Supervisor.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Lois:

Dear Lois, 

Just wanted to let you know that I have always appreciated you and your work at SAU.  We are blessed to have you as part of our community.

Hope you have a wonderful week and a blessed Thanksgiving.

Congratulations, Lois!

Myrtle and Lois

Myrtle Rolls Into Admissions

Myrtle and Teresa

This week Myrtle moved on to the desk of Teresa Janson, Secretary/Receptionist for Enrollment Management.  Here is what was said in appreciation for Teresa:


I greatly appreciate your continual warm smile and your friendly attentive service to the members of the SAU community and our visitors.  Your welcoming, helpful spirit is so appreciated and means a lot.  Thanks so much!

Terri Reeves

Congratulations on your award, Teresa!

Terri Reeves Hosts Myrtle This Week

Myrtle and Terri

Myrtle has just landed on the desk of Terri Reeves, Coordinator of Conference Services.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Terri:


Thank you for giving 150% to every guest you bring to this campus and for making them feel at home.  Also for making the custodial department’s job easier while guests are here.  You are very much appreciated.

Thank you”

Tom Reynolds Recognized with the Myrtle Award

Myrtle and Tom R.

Earlier this week Tom Reynolds, Custodial Services Supervisor, was recognized with the Myrtle Appreciation Award.  Here is what was said about Tom:


I appreciate you and the attitude you convey no matter what the job.  You always are ready and willing to adjust to your schedule even if this happens on short notice.  Thank you for your wonderful spirit you convey in doing your job.  You are appreciated by me and so many, and you are an asset to the SAU community.”

Congratulations, Tom!

11/5/13 SAPA Meeting Video & Handouts

If you missed the November SAPA meeting you can watch it here.  This month’s theme was “Thanksgiving” and six SAU Employees shared testimonies of things they were thankful for.  Garnet Hauger also came to present results from the Task Force on Faculty/Staff Diversity.  The handout from Garnet’s presentation is available by clicking the link below.

Diversity Recommendations Handout

YouTube Preview Image

Myrtle Arrives at Academic Affiars

Myrtle and Grace Ann

This week Myrtle arrived on the desk of Grace Ann Bolton, Coordinator of Special Events and Secretary at Academic Affairs.  Here is what was said in appreciation for Grace Ann:

Thank you for always displaying a Christ-like attitude in all that you do here at SAU.  Your kind and joyful heart is a blessing to me! I appreciate your attentive and Quick responses when questions and needs arise.  Thank you for your faithful service at SAU!

Congratulations on your award, Grace Ann!

Myrtle Pays a Visit to Human Resources

Myrtle and Mary M.

This week, Myrtle paid a visit to Mary Metcalf in Human Resources.  Here is what was said in appreciation for Mary:

“In recognition and appreciation for all the times you’ve helped me and many others with questions and concerns regarding SAU benefits.  For your quiet manner, explaining complicated issues in simple to understand terms, and doing so with a smile.  Thanks for always going above and beyond!!  SAU is blessed to have you!!”

Thanks for all you do, Mary!