Archive | April 4, 2014

Myrtle Springs Into Admissions

Myrtle and Randy (2)

Myrtle is on the move again!   This week she has made her way back through the doors of the  Admissions office and into the chair of Randy Comfort, Executive Director of Admissions.

Here’s what was said in appreciation of Randy:


I admire your caring personality with your team and with everyone you meet. You listen intently and convey great care and respect in every matter. It has been a great joy of mine to work with you on a couple large projects at SAU because your focus and attention to details are incredible. Your sense of humor and light-hearted spirit has made challenging issues manageable. We are blessed at SAU to have you represent the “face” of our school. You are truly an ambassador for Christ. God bless you!!

Congratulations, Randy!

3/18/14 SAPA Meeting Video

If you missed the March SAPA meeting you can watch it here.

YouTube Preview Image