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Proposed Changes to SAPA By-Laws for April 2015 Special Ballot

PROPOSAL 1: A proposal to change the office of President Elect (two year term) back to an office of Vice President with a single year term.  Rationale:  The original intent of the President Elect role was to develop consistency in the leadership of SAPA, however, we have found it difficult to identify individuals willing to commit to a two-year term that leads to SAPA presidency.  This proposal would allow us to revert back to the previous structure for officers.  Affected sections of the By-Laws include: Article IV, sections 1 & 3; Article VII, sections 3 & 3b.  RED below indicates a change in language in the By-Laws.

The full previous version can also be viewed by clicking here.


SECTION 1. The officers of the Staff Administrative Personnel Association shall be a President, Vice President President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Staff Benefits Committee Chairperson, Faculty Senate Representative and Student Government Representative. These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Association.

SECTION 3. Elected officers shall serve one year (from June 1 to May 31) with the exception of the President-Elect who will serve a two-year term. The existing officers will assist with the transition through the summer months.


SECTION 3. The standing committees shall be the Benefits Committee and the Benevolent Committee. The Association President shall be ex-officio member of the standing committees and all special task forces and committees. The Vice President President-Elect shall chair the Benevolent Committee.

SECTION 3b. The Benevolent Committee consists of the Chair (SAPA Vice President President-Elect), the previous year’s President and an elected faculty member. The SAPA President will serve as an ex-officio member. The Benevolent Committee is established to assist employees with emergency financial needs. SAU employees have the option to donate a small amount (usually $1) of their monthly paycheck to a Benevolent Fund that is used to help out SAU employees when unexpected expenses arise. Distributions may be considered for any faculty, staff or administrative personnel whose personal financial need has been brought to the attention of the Benevolent Committee. Needs will be evaluated by the Benevolent Committee on an individual basis as unanticipated, financial emergencies arise.  The amount of the distribution will depend upon need and availability of funds; however the maximum is $1,000 per person per year. Once a decision is made by the Benevolent Committee regarding the request for funds, the Chair of the committee will fill out the necessary paperwork for a check and then will also deliver in person or mail the check with a letter of explanation of this financial gift.