The Staff-Administration Personnel Association (SAPA) promotes communication, fellowship, and increased service effectiveness within the staff and administrative personnel and with other constituencies of the university community. If you are a staff or administrative employee at SAU you are automatically a member.

SAPA meetings occur (typically) on the second Tuesday of each month from 10am to 11am (EST) in the Ralph Carey Forum on the main campus. Monthly meetings provide a time for community, refreshment, service and growth for the staff and administrative employees of SAU.

This site serves as a resource for SAPA members providing information on monthly meetings, information sharing, and committee members. Whether you are new to SAU or have worked here twenty years, we look forward to serving you this year.

  • Coffee | Coffee is provided at each meeting. In order to be more environmentally friendly we are supporting Bring Your Own Mug to SAPA meetings.
  • Live Streaming | Our September meeting can be viewed via “video” link in the Blogroll. After the meetings, we are calling all staff who work outside of main campus to email us to provide feedback on live streaming: sapa@arbor.edu
  • Mystery Baby Photo | Each meeting will feature a baby photo of a SAPA member. Guess the correct employee for a chance to win a prize.
  • Punch Cards | Sign and bring your enclosed SAPA card to each meeting to get a punch. Eight punches qualify to win a prize at our May meeting.
  • Theme | This year SAPA meetings will focus on the theme of “Growing Together.” We hope each meeting allows for personal, professional, or spiritual growth.
  • Updates | After requests for improved communication the SAPA board will share information to members during monthly meetings, via email, and in the blog (sites.arbor.edu/sapa). This blog will provide information from monthly meetings and updates from the Benefits, SGA, and Faculty representatives.

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