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2015 SAPA Chili Cook Off Winner

We had a great time at our February SAPA event.  Thanks to all who participated by entering a chili and by judging.

Colorado Chicken Chili (by Jeff Tabone) was the crowd favorite, receiving an impressive 473 points.  Congratulations Jeff!

2015-02-04 12.09.00


2nd Place: “The Winner” by Diane Kintigh – 368 pts.

3rd Place:  “Puerto Rican Chili” by Kristen Hall – 364 pts.


Special thanks to all our 2015 Chili Cook Off participants:

President Ellis – “Chili Chili Bang Bang”

Doug Wilcoxson – “Flavor Country”

Barb Manuszak – “Simulated Hot Flash”

Melissa Bright – “Chili My Kids Will Eat”

Aaron Sanford – “Recipe #27”

Joe Neill – “Unicorn’s Last Supper”

Grace Ann Bolton – “Spring Training”


For those interested, here is Jeff’s secret recipe!!!

::Colorado Chicken Chili::

(yields ~4 servings)

Ingredients Needed:

2-3 chicken breasts ~1lb

1 tsp. Cumin

1 15oz can of Great Northern Beans

1 15oz can of Black beans (drained and rinsed)

1 16 oz package of “Garden Fresh Gourmet: Jack’s Special” medium salsa (any fresh salsa would do, but we’ve found that Jack’s Special has superior taste and flavor)

2 cups of finely shredded Mexican cheese blend



Pre-cook then shred chicken

Place all ingredients in a crock pot and mix well Set crock pot to “High” and cook for ~3 hrs, stirring occasionally, ensuring that all the cheese melts Serve and Enjoy!

Myrtle Soars into the School of Education



Myrtle visited Julie Zeller in the School of Education and the message she brought was:
Julie Zeller has always been a pleasure to work with.  Her attitude always seems to be upbeat, even when she is in a hurry and needs something done quickly.  She has never gotten upset with me when I was unable to get what she wanted done in the timeframe she hoped for.  I’ve worked with her many years, starting when she worked in the Registrar’s Office in the basement of Muffitt.  She has always been thankful when I do something for her and made me feel appreciated.  Thank you for your pleasant attitude and being a good example of a Christ-like servant at SAU.” 

Thank you for your hard work Julie!



Myrtle Returns to Technology Services

Myrtle and Mark W.


Myrtle made another move this week, this time with a return flight to Technology Services.  She landed on the desk of Sr. Programmer Analyst, Mark Wesseling.  Here’s what was said in appreciation of Mark:

“I have long appreciated Mark Wesseling’s assistance with tech issues and questions when I’ve been stuck on something in CARS or my BusinessMap software. That appreciation and gratitude has multiplied since I started my new position in January – receipting gifts and updating database records. Mark is always quick to respond to my questions, talks me through correcting my (often very creative) mistakes and is always pleasant, calm and infinitely patient.  Thank you so much Mark!”

Congratulations, Mark!

Myrtle Advances to Lynne Markiewicz

Myrtle and Lynne M.

Myrtle made another move this week, this time to the desk of Lynne Markiewicz, Stewardship Services Coordinator.

Here is what was said in appreciation of Lynne:

“Lynne’s great attitude and infectious smile are always uplifting to me.  She stepped into her new role in the Advancement Office as Coordinator of Stewardship Services with such a great attitude.  I so appreciate how quickly and kindly she responds to all my requests and questions.  Thank you Lynne for all that you do for SAU!”

Congratulations, Lynne!

Myrtle Returns from the Archives!

Myrtle and Jennifer

Myrtle and Jennifer

After spending last week with Susan in the Archives, this week Myrtle made a leap into the digital age in order to visit Jennifer Simmons who serves SAU as the Assistant Controller.

Here is what was said in appreciation of Jennifer:

“Jennifer is a “blessing” in the Arbor.   Shortly after she came to work at SAU, a former co-worker of Jennifer’s told me that SAU is very blessed to have Jennifer as an employee.  I wholeheartedly agree.  Jennifer, Assistant Controller, was a tremendous help to me as I transitioned my credit card reporting to the online system.  She worked with me to be sure the reporting process met my needs and the needs of my department.  And, she is still tweaking for me.  Jennifer’s positive attitude is heartfelt, reflected both in her daily life and spiritual journey.

Thank you Jennifer for including us in your Journey!!”

Congratulations Jennifer!

Myrtle Travels Back in Time

Myrtle and Susan

After her radio debut, Myrtle made a move to the White Library and landed on the desk of Library Acquisitions Technician and Archivist, Susan Panak.

Here is what was said in appreciation of Susan:

“Susan is amazing at her job! Her love for history and Spring Arbor University comes through in her diligent work in the Archives. 2013 was a milestone year for SAU Radio as we celebrated 50 years of broadcasting. She helped us sort through all sorts of files and artifacts to create an awesome display just in time for our Radio Open House last fall. You can see her awesome work in the ever-changing display case on the main level of the library, as well as in the cases located in the Archives room downstairs. Thanks Susan for your hard work and for keeping the stories of SAU alive!”

Congratulations, Susan!

Myrtle Isn’t Just “In the Air” She’s “On the Air”


Myrtle made her radio Debut last week with a visit to Home.FM Program Director, Tonya Hernandez.

Here is what was said in appreciation of Tonya:

“Myrtle A. Duck spreads her wings and takes flight to home, that is! Myrtle heard about the work that Tonya Hernandez is doing in the SAU Radio offices. Tonya is involved in students’ lives by encouraging them to be all they can be as they work for the radio station. Teaching and modeling what it means to have a “real” job is an above and beyond part of Tonya’s responsibilities as radio program director here at SAU. Good job Tonya.”

Congratulations, Tonya!

Myrtle Sweeps Over to Dave McCullum

Myrtle and Dave

Last week, Myrtle made another move over to the Physical Plant and into the hands of Dave McCullum.

Here is what was said in appreciation of Dave:

“Dave McCallum, thanks for being such an awesome person of God!  Many people:   students, staff and faculty have been blessed by your example.  You probably don’t have any idea how much God has used you to bless the lives of others!  Thank you for your work at SAU!”

Congratulations Dave!

Myrtle the Duck “Connects” with Barb Coleman

Myrtle and Barb

The Academic Student Connections offices may have moved recently, but that didn’t keep Myrtle from finding her way to the desk of Barb Coleman, Coordinator of Academic Student Connections and Student Disability Services.

Here is what was said in appreciation of Barb:

“Barb Coleman has a heart for students and is a positive influence on our campus as she cares and guides students who visit Academic Student Connections.  She knows her stuff and creates an environment that keeps students enrolled at SAU.  She is always warm & friendly, helpful & pleasant, and sweet!  We are blessed to have Barb as a member of the Spring Arbor University community!”

Congratulations, Barb!

Myrtle Springs Into Admissions

Myrtle and Randy (2)

Myrtle is on the move again!   This week she has made her way back through the doors of the  Admissions office and into the chair of Randy Comfort, Executive Director of Admissions.

Here’s what was said in appreciation of Randy:


I admire your caring personality with your team and with everyone you meet. You listen intently and convey great care and respect in every matter. It has been a great joy of mine to work with you on a couple large projects at SAU because your focus and attention to details are incredible. Your sense of humor and light-hearted spirit has made challenging issues manageable. We are blessed at SAU to have you represent the “face” of our school. You are truly an ambassador for Christ. God bless you!!

Congratulations, Randy!

Myrtle Logs-In at Technology Services

Myrtle photo

After her first Virtual visit to the Metro Detroit Site, Myrtle logged in at Technology Services and is currently in the care of Cynthia Churchwell, Director of Project Management and Academic Technology.

Here is what was said in appreciation of Cynthia:

“Thank you so much for holding my hand and leading me through this new frontier known as distance technology. Thanks to your gentle prodding, teaching and encouragement, I have successfully concluded my first ever Go-to-Meeting and I am looking forward to more! You always answered every question promptly, and eased any anxiety (well, most of them any way!). Most importantly, you never made me feel my questions were “dumb!” Even when technology failed, you remained a calm in the midst of the storm. Your competence and character shine in all you do! I see Jesus in you! Thanks for being a blessing and for your servant leadership. Your vision and passion are not unnoticed. Until I call again with another question, God bless! “

Congratulations, Cynthia!

Myrtle Makes Her First “Virtual Visit” at the Metro Detroit Site

Myrtle and Carolyn

Myrtle took a “virtual flight” off campus and ended up in Metro Detroit on the “desktop” of Carolyn Watson, Coordinator of Faculty Services for the East Region.

Here is what was said in appreciation of Carolyn:

Thank you for your diligence, promptness, attention to detail, and above all, your sense of humor!  I know I can count on you for answers or guidance (or an adjunct).  I appreciate your positive attitude, kindness, and willingness to help out with whatever is needed.  It is such a pleasure working with you, Carolyn!

Congratulations on receiving Myrtle!

Myrtle Heads to South Campus

Myrtle and Janice

Today Myrtle flew south, south campus that is, to the desk of Janice Morrison, Coordinator of Weekend College and Program Records and Undergraduate Scheduling Specialist for  External Programs.

Here is what was said in appreciation of Janice:

“Thank-you for all the many ways you serve SAU.  From cohort calendars to faculty assignments to week-end college to many other small ways.  And for doing all this with a smile and a willing spirit.  You are a blessing to the Spring Arbor family!!!”

Congratulations, Janice!

2014 SAPA Chili Cook-Off Contest Results

Congratulations to Eric Beda, winner of the 2104 SAPA Chili Cook-Off!  It was an incredibly close contest! Thanks to all who participated as “tasters” and special thanks to our “chefs” with chili entries.  Each chef received a prize for participation, and Eric also took home the SAPA Chili Cook-Off trophy!

Eric - Chili Winner



Myrtle Makes Her Way Back to Technology Services

Myrtle and Lisa

Today, Myrtle made her way back to Technology Services and landed on the desk of Lisa Brook, Senior Programmer Analyst.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Lisa:

“You are getting Myrtle because I appreciate your helpful spirit — your patience in educating me about processes — and the role you assume, that is CRUCIAL to everyone at SAU, even though they don’t know it!”

Congratulations, Lisa!

Myrtle Visits Instructional Design

Myrtle and Gwen

Myrtle moved on to Instructional Design, landing on the desk of Gwen Hersha.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Gwen:

“You have been a great source of encouragement, support, help and have been a challenger to fellow staff, faculty and students.   During your years as SAPA president, you were a humble leader and joyous motivator.   Your love for the Lord, SAU and people radiates through your life.   Thanks, Gwen, for being YOU and serving SAU with dedication and love.”  

Congratulations, Gwen!

Myrtle Heads to the Business Office

Myrtle and Donna

This week, Myrtle landed on the desk of Donna Bentle, Accounts Payable Clerk in the Business Office.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Donna:

“I really appreciate your patience, diligence, and positive attitude toward handling billing questions and processes.  It is always a pleasure to work with you here at SAU!”

Congratulations, Donna!

Myrtle Visits Aaron Sanford

Myrtle and Aaron

Last week, Myrtle visited Aaron Sanford, A/V Services Coordinator.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Aaron:

“Aaron is a great example of a servant.  He is always willing to serve, willing to do whatever it takes at any time in order to get the job done.  His hard work helps make SAU excellent!”

Congratulations, Aaron!

Myrtle Stops to “Chill” with Maintenance

Myrtle and Bruce


Maintenance Technician, Bruce Heaten is the latest recipient of Myrtle.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Bruce:


Ever since I came from Kenya to Spring Arbor University, I started working in custodial/maintenance for my part time job during the semester and full time job in the summer. I came to admire the sense of humor respect and hard work that you put into your job. You might not be appreciated enough but you guys do all the work that makes our jobs much easier.  I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job you do every day and all your crew members!!”

Congrats on this award, Bruce!

Myrtle Makes Her First Visit of 2014

Myrtle and Herbert1

Myrtle is starting the year off with a visit to Herbert Rotich, Financial Aid Technician/Counselor.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Herbert:


You are a true friend for SAU students and staff!

Financial Aid can be a mysterious and seemingly ever-changing process for me and my SAU Student Support teammates.  We often are at a loss as to how to best help students with financial inquiries; however we always know we can count on you for expert assistance! 

Your general kindness and willingness to help whenever contacted is very much appreciated.  You are a great example of the best SAU staff can be! 

Thank you for being our, ‘Go-To Guy,’ in the Financial Aid Office!

Myrtle Moves West

Myrtle and Terri S.

Myrtle made the long journey to “West Campus” in order to honor Terri Swihart, Student Support Specialist and Student Services Coordinator.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Terri:

“Hi Terri,

 Thank you for all the hard work, persistence, and attention to detail you exhibit every day as a Student Services Coordinator for SAU online.  Whether in plenty of time or in the nick of time, you always manage to get all the admission paperwork in for students wanting to enroll.  You’re a good example for keeping calm and always being pleasant even under pressure.  I appreciate you!

Congratulations, Terri!

Myrtle Moves Again

Myrtle and John

Myrtle moved again this week, this time making a pit stop on the desk of John Ball.  (Sorry, John, we will get that cleaned up for you.)

Here’s what was said in appreciation of John:

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your hard work for the SAU community.  You work diligently and with a cordial attitude.  It is a pleasure to work with you at SAU.  Also, I want to express my gratitude to your family for their service and sacrifice in the military.  You are all unsung heroes!!!!”

Congrats, John!

Myrtle Checks-In at Registration

Myrtle and Joan

This week Myrtle landed on the desk of Joan Croad, Academic Records Coordinator.

Here’s what was said in appreciation of Joan:

“Thank you for the great work you do for the University.  I appreciate the spirit in which you always respond to our requests for assistance, continuously positive and full of grace.  You always have the answers.  I see a servant’s heart in action!”

Congratulations on receiving Myrtle, Joan!

Myrtle Visits Dianna Harmon

Myrtle and Dianna

Last week Myrtle moved in to Dianna Harmon’s office!

Here is the note that Myrtle brought along:


Thank you for the work you do.  I have always appreciated your positive attitude and friendship.  Mostly though, I have appreciated what a wonderful example you are as a Christian woman and how you show your love for Christ in all you do!

God Bless”

Congratulations on receiving Myrtle, Dianna!

Myrtle Heads Northeast in December

Myrtle and Randy

This week Myrtle flew to the Northeast side of campus and ended up on the desk of Randy Rossman, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Randy:

Thanks for all you do for SAU.  I can only imagine the difficult situations you must deal with as H.R. Director.  But one thing I am sure of is that you do so with the highest level of integrity…..I appreciate you.

Congratulations, Randy!

Myrtle Works Her Way Over to the Physical Plant

Myrtle and Matt

Today, Myrtle made her way over to the Physical Plant and into the hands of Matt Cousino, Maintenance Technician.  Here’s what was said in appreciation of Matt:

Dear Matt,

I appreciate your hard work, cheerful and caring attitude, and innovative spirit.  You always put in 110% into making the campus buildings sparkle and giving needed updates.  You stay late to clean up leaks and flooded places around campus.  You care for students, faculty, and staff alike.  You always say hello and will ask people how they are doing and truly mean it, and want a response.  I appreciate that you are always willing to help and seek a better process.  Keep up the great work!  Glad you are part of the SAU Team!

Congratulations, Matt!

Myrtle Waddles Back to the Business Office

Myrtle and Kristen

This week, Myrtle made her way back over to the Business Office and onto the desk of Kristen Hall.  Here is what was said about Kristen:

Dear Kristen, 

I hope you know that your assistance and understanding has always been appreciated.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.  Thank you for your dedication and hard work at SAU.  Have a blessed week and holiday season.


Congratulations on receiving Myrtle, Kristen!

Myrtle “Hits the Books” at White Library

Last week, Myrtle made her way to White Library.  Her destination was the desk of Lois Hunt, Circulation Supervisor.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Lois:

Dear Lois, 

Just wanted to let you know that I have always appreciated you and your work at SAU.  We are blessed to have you as part of our community.

Hope you have a wonderful week and a blessed Thanksgiving.

Congratulations, Lois!

Myrtle and Lois

Myrtle Rolls Into Admissions

Myrtle and Teresa

This week Myrtle moved on to the desk of Teresa Janson, Secretary/Receptionist for Enrollment Management.  Here is what was said in appreciation for Teresa:


I greatly appreciate your continual warm smile and your friendly attentive service to the members of the SAU community and our visitors.  Your welcoming, helpful spirit is so appreciated and means a lot.  Thanks so much!

Terri Reeves

Congratulations on your award, Teresa!

Terri Reeves Hosts Myrtle This Week

Myrtle and Terri

Myrtle has just landed on the desk of Terri Reeves, Coordinator of Conference Services.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Terri:


Thank you for giving 150% to every guest you bring to this campus and for making them feel at home.  Also for making the custodial department’s job easier while guests are here.  You are very much appreciated.

Thank you”

Introducing… Myrtle A. Duck

Myrtle Duck

At the September SAPA meeting Myrtle A. Duck was introduced.  The “A” in her name stands for Appreciation.”  Myrtle is making her way around the offices of SAU, but she needs your help to get from office to office.

Rules for Myrtle the Duck

1.  You received Myrtle because someone wanted to appreciate you for what you do. Congratulations!

2.  Have someone in your office take a picture of you and Myrtle (send to Laura Tenney).

3.  Myrtle can be displayed on your desk for no more than 3 days.

4.  After 3 days, deliver Myrtle to another employee in a different department than your own.  Include a personal note explaining why you have chosen to show appreciation to that person.

5. Watch the SAPA website for pictures and updates on Myrtle’s travels around SAU.

We look forward to finding out where Myrtle will be next!

SAPA Picnic Pictures

Thanks for coming out to the picnic last week. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Here are a few pictures that were taken of the event. Enjoy! Link to pictures:


Summary of SAPA in 2011-12

12/5 | SAPA/Faculty Christmas Buck Lunch

12/5 | SAPA/Faculty Christmas Buck Lunch

Gary’s festive tie only hints at the fun had today at our SAPA/Faculty Christmas lunch. Thanks to everyone who made it such a success and a special thanks to all our musicians!

YouTube Preview Image


Farewell Party for Bethany & Shawn | Tech Services | 10/7/2011

Farewell Party for Bethany & Shawn | Tech Services | 10/7/2011

Today, we had a going away party for Bethany and Shawn in Technology Services at Spring Arbor University. Although it is a sad occasion to lose their outstanding skill and fun personalities in our department, Jason helped lighten the mood with this original song to them:

YouTube Preview Image

Bethany, beyond thriving with all your responsibilities in your role in Technology Services, you have provided our department uncountable times of laughter and joy in the daily interactions you had with each of us. Know that our hearts are with you in this new season in your life and that you will be deeply missed here at Spring Arbor University. Thank you, for all you have done for us this past year.

Shawn, similarly, you have provided immense professionally and expertise these past few years while you have served our community here and you always seem to do it with just joy and optimism which makes coming into work all the more desirable for us all. You will also be missed dearly both in Dietzman, on the disc golf course, and throughout our entire SAU community.  Thank you for your invaluable contributions during your time here.

10/4 | Growing with Students | Sam Riggleman & students

Thanks to those of you who came out for our October SAPA meeting! Over 70 of you were there to enjoy the fellowship, food and fun and receive a challenging and encouraging message from Sam Riggleman and three of SAU’ athletes. A brief outline of that meeting is below, but you can connect to our new SAPA site for more information and pictures. Check out the tabs for detailed minutes, prayer requests and more. Connect at:

The Mystery Baby Photo was of John Beck. Six of you guessed correctly and Duane Skene is our winner this month!

Winner of the prize drawing from our sites was Hope Taylor from our Detroit Site! Thanks for connecting with us….and for your patience as we work through the kinks to improve this.

SAPA Meeting – Oct 4, 2011

Our new President, Rhonda Saurbek, called our meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Devotions were led by Gary Mason, followed by a time of prayer around individual tables.

( 1 ) Lorie Cornell gave a brief update on budget meetings. Rhonda Saurbek will now begin attending these meetings to represent SAPA.
( 2 ) Lorie also reported formation from Student Government Association.
( 3 ) David Goodrich gave a debut on our new SAPA web page.

Speaker Sam Riggleman shared about “Growing With our Students”. Three of SAU’s athletes, Ashley Stelter, Taylor Lange and Steven Kolb also shared testimonials related to their experience here at SAU.

Prize Drawings and Closing Prayer by Steve Newton.

Next Month’s meeting is November 1st, 2011 with the theme “Growing in Joy”. Mark your calendars and come out for a time of fellowship and extra special fun!


Pics from “Growing Our Campus” SAPA Meeting | 9.20.2011

Pics from “Growing Our Campus” SAPA Meeting | 9.20.2011

Introducing your new SAPA Committee

2011-2012 SAPA Executive Committee

We look forward to a great year with your leadership!

Stephanie Bartell, President
Marie Slisher, Vice President
Donna Bentle, Secretary
Steve Newton, Benefits Chair
Gary Mason, Benefits Chair Elect
David Goodrich, Faculty Representative
Lorie Cornell, SGA Representative

Congratulations to Steve Reed

Steve Reed, the 2011 Punch Prize Winner

SAPA’s 2011 Punch Prize goes to Steve Reed of Financial Aid.  Grand Prize was a $50 Gift Card to Red Lobster.  Congratulations Steve – and the 7 other SAPA members who had perfect attendance at all of our meetings this year!
SAPA meetings were well attended throughout the year, with an average of 60 staff present at monthly meetings.  The SAUToid contest was a hit – and produced 8 winners throughout the year – thanks for joining in the fun! 
Several offices worked together to provide refreshments for our meetings – the spread of delicious snacks were always a welcome sight! Thanks to each of you who donated and baked, organized and arranged the refreshment table.
SAPA continued to provide door prizes this year – with the most annoying prize being a pack of disposable razors!  (we finally got rid of them all).  The most appreciated prizes were the Sacred Grounds coupons – and most valuable prizes were the books that followed the theme of each meeting.
I’d like to express a special thanks to the following committee members who made each meeting come together with success:  Lorie Cornell, Carol Ann Bunnell, Terry McClintic, Steve Newton, Rob Kingsley, and Stephanie Bartell.

GPS December 2010 Employee of the Month

We would like to recognize Janet Vannest as our December Employee of the Month. We recognize Janet’s longevity with SAU and the various roles she has filled. Janet has been a recruiter, assessment counselor, academic advisor, registrar, academic coordinator, coordinator of academic services, and a fine faculty member. She has enthusiastically taken on every role and has done a great job in each. Janet is a joy to work with and always friendly, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile. Janet will receive a gift certificate as a small token of appreciation.
 Special recognition to:
Janet Vannest
Academic Advisor/Instructor – Bay City/Flint Sites

              Please join us in congratulating Janet!

GPS January 2011 Employee of the Month

Special recognition goes to


Amanda Herron

Student Services Coordinator
Midwest Region – Kalamazoo Site

We would like to recognize Amanda Herron as our January Employee of the Month. Amanda is always upbeat and encouraging to students and staff and has used her gift for encouragement to assist students in crisis to stay the course and complete their programs. Her innovative ideas and organizational skills have been a benefit to other staff and have contributed to more efficient and cost effective processes at the site. Amanda was recently involved in coordinating a very successful food drive, raising over 1,150 food items for the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission and Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes organizations. Amanda is a blessing to all and a very positive reflection of both SAU and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Amanda will receive a gift certificate as a small token of appreciation.

Congratulations, Amanda!

Introducing…Betty Videto

Betty Videto is our first “Member Feature”. Check out the Tab and read more about this remarkable lady!