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5/5/16 SAPA Meeting Video – Dr. Doug Wilcoxson

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Retirement Planning Seminar with Dr. Globig – 2016

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3/3/16 SAPA Meeting Video – Updates from the President’s Office

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CapTrust Presentation – 2/23/16

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2/11/16 SAPA Meeting Video – President Ellis and Cabinet Q&A

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1/7/16 SAPA Meeting Video – Chris Blackstone

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9/3/15 SAPA Meeting Video – Dr. Kim Hayworth

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Retirement Planning Seminar with Dr. Globig

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4/7/15 SAPA Meeting Video – Mary Darling

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10/4 | Growing with Students | Sam Riggleman & students

Thanks to those of you who came out for our October SAPA meeting! Over 70 of you were there to enjoy the fellowship, food and fun and receive a challenging and encouraging message from Sam Riggleman and three of SAU’ athletes. A brief outline of that meeting is below, but you can connect to our new SAPA site for more information and pictures. Check out the tabs for detailed minutes, prayer requests and more. Connect at:

The Mystery Baby Photo was of John Beck. Six of you guessed correctly and Duane Skene is our winner this month!

Winner of the prize drawing from our sites was Hope Taylor from our Detroit Site! Thanks for connecting with us….and for your patience as we work through the kinks to improve this.

SAPA Meeting – Oct 4, 2011

Our new President, Rhonda Saurbek, called our meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Devotions were led by Gary Mason, followed by a time of prayer around individual tables.

( 1 ) Lorie Cornell gave a brief update on budget meetings. Rhonda Saurbek will now begin attending these meetings to represent SAPA.
( 2 ) Lorie also reported formation from Student Government Association.
( 3 ) David Goodrich gave a debut on our new SAPA web page.

Speaker Sam Riggleman shared about “Growing With our Students”. Three of SAU’s athletes, Ashley Stelter, Taylor Lange and Steven Kolb also shared testimonials related to their experience here at SAU.

Prize Drawings and Closing Prayer by Steve Newton.

Next Month’s meeting is November 1st, 2011 with the theme “Growing in Joy”. Mark your calendars and come out for a time of fellowship and extra special fun!


Come with an open mind


Hometown:  Sullivan, Wisconsin

Family:  Husband, Aaron and Fudge
Favorite thing about working at SAU  “The best thing about working at SAU, is that I get to use my education everyday in my job” 
[Editor’s note:  as she studied sociology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, she was always told she would never use what she had learned in her work – she enjoys proving them all wrong!]
Stephanie Bartell is the Director of enrollment and market research for Spring Arbor University.  She has been in this position for just over one year.  Stephanie does a couple things in her work:  She investigates when someone has an idea for a new program – creates surveys or whatever it takes to do a market search that shows the climate for that program, and for existing programs that aren’t well-attended, she conducts research to find out why.
A recent event in her life is buying a house and working on it with her husband Aaron.  The best thing about that?  She has taken lots of pictures from the beginning to now, and it’s great to look back and see how far they’ve come.  The worse thing about it?  “Realizing that your husband isn’t as handy at fixing things as your Dad was.”
Stephanie volunteered to create a presentation for us on social networking.  Whether we are good at it, or don’t know anything about it, this meeting will have something for everyone.  She hopes we all come with an open mind; ready to learn something new.

Kick-Off with Steve Newton

We look forward to hearing from Steve at our first SAPA meeting on September 21st.  Steve has a rich history at SAU – first as a student – and now 16 years in Student Development.  Various roles at SAU include working with sophomore student retention, student discipline, and overseeing ministry groups on campus.  Steve is an active COR 100 instructor and is serving this year as Chair-Elect on the Benefits Committee for SAPA.

  • Hometown – Petersburg, Indiana
  • Family –  wife Jami and two daughters: Kara and Beth
  • Favorite thing about working at SAU – “staff is like family”
  • Quote:  “What I enjoy the most [about my work at SAU] is my one-on-one’s with students.”