Myrtle Pays a Visit to Human Resources

Myrtle and Mary M.

This week, Myrtle paid a visit to Mary Metcalf in Human Resources.  Here is what was said in appreciation for Mary:

“In recognition and appreciation for all the times you’ve helped me and many others with questions and concerns regarding SAU benefits.  For your quiet manner, explaining complicated issues in simple to understand terms, and doing so with a smile.  Thanks for always going above and beyond!!  SAU is blessed to have you!!”

Thanks for all you do, Mary!

Myrtle Touches Down in the Athletic Department

Myrtle and Julie M.

Last Friday, Myrtle touched down in the Athletic Department (yes, even though we don’t have a football team here at SAU, that was intended to be a pun).  Julie McCourtie, Secretary of the Athletic Department was honored for the great work she does with all of our athletic teams and events.

Here is what  was said about Julie:

“Julie does an amazing job with faculty, staff and students at the Fieldhouse. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help out in any way that she can. Thank you Julie for your continued service at SAU.”

10/1/13 SAPA Meeting Recap & Video

We had another great turnout for our October SAPA meeting in the RCF.  If you missed this meeting you missed the best SAPA snack display I have ever seen.  Special thanks to Student Development and the Athletics department!  Here are the other highlights:

  • Biggest Loser competition is underway.  Be sure to encourage those who are participating.
  • The President’s Leadership Team is designed to be a channel of communication to and from the administration.  The team meets monthly with the President.  If you have questions or concerns please communicate with the representative from your area who serves on that team.
  • Ryan Cottingham, Athletic Director and Head Coach of our Men’s Basketball team, delivered a few words and introduced his coaching staff.
  • President Ellis shared a short devotional from Genesis focusing on the birth of Ishmael and Isaac, and then he answered questions from the audience.

Just in case you missed it, here is the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Sue Hatt Receives Myrtle via “Air Mail”

Myrtle and Sue H.

Myrtle flew over to M & D to pay a visit to Sue Hatt, Duplicating Services Assistant.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Sue:

October 10, 2013

Dear Sue,
I want you to have Myrtle as I believe you to be as pleasant and customer-service oriented as you are hardworking and proficient in the various hats you wear.

The variety of copying services you offer from plain 8 1/2×11 copying up to 11 x 17 copying; to making and binding notebooks and manuals to the making of posters, the wonderful color printing; from overseeing the student worker’s delivery of the campus mail, and facilitating the delivery of overseas mail, campus package mailing, and assisting with student pick up of their packages; and passing out mailbox keys. You juggle many tasks and are consistently calm and pleasant and helpful.

It’s a pleasure to work with you, Sue, you are an asset to the SAU operation.


Myrtle Arranges a Visit with Sharon Frantz

Myrtle and Sharon F.

Last week, Tom Zeller gave Myrtle to Sharon Frantz, Secretary for Global Studies and Initiatives.

Tom has this to say about Sharon:

“Sharon works tirelessly for the Cross Cultural Department arranging the visiting scholars schedules, housing and personal needs. She also makes all the arrangements for our scholars as they travel to other countries. Sharon is ALWAYS gracious no matter how busy she is.”

Thank you Sharon for all you do!

Tom Zeller Receives Myrlte

Myrtle and Tom

Today, Myrtle paid a visit to Tom Zeller, Supervisor of Maintenance Services.  Here’s what was said in appreciation of Tom:

“Tom goes above and beyond to help out staff & students. We appreciate his willingness to help out anytime that he can. He does an great job and always has a smile on his face. Thank you again for all you do for everyone here at SAU.”

Great Job, Tom!

Myrtle lands in Registration

Myrtle and Leslie

Last week, Leslie Paruch, Academic Records Coordinator, was honored for her “over-the-top service to staff and students.”

Great work, Leslie!


Myrtle Swoops Into SAU’s Business Office

Myrtle and Penny

Penny Pletcher, Coordinator of Student Accounts, was awarded with Myrtle this week.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Penny:

“I do so appreciate all you do and this sweet recognition is one way to let you know!  Thank you for all you do for everyone and your gentle spirit when you do work with the students.  For all the Students……you really make their day!  And from me: You are awarded Myrtle!”

Congratulations, Penny!  Thanks for all you do here at SAU!

Deb Scripter Recognized With A Visit From Myrtle

Myrtle and Deb

Myrtle made a stop in the HR office this week!  Deb Scripter, Director of Payroll Services and Student Employment, was recognized for a job well done.  Here is what was said in appreciation of Deb:

“I am recognizing Deb Scripter for the amazing work she does in managing the SAU payroll.  Generating the faculty, staff, and student payrolls every month is a complex process to manage. She does so with great accuracy  and attention to detail.  Thanks to Deb, we all receive our pay on a consistent and accurate basis.”

Thanks for all you do for everyone at SAU, Deb!

Myrtle moves on to Technology Services

Myrtle and Paul Beach

This week, Myrtle was given to Paul Beach, Data Warehouse Architect,  in appreciation for his help in bringing the Financial Aid Office into the 21st Century.  Paul is always ready and willing to help with programming issues and quickly get’s things up and running again when they are broken.

Congratulations, Paul!

Myrtle Makes Her First Stop in Financial Aid

Myrtle and Paul B.


Congratulations to Paul Bettenga, Financial Aid Technician/Counselor, who became the very first recipient of Myrtle the “Appreciation” Duck!  Here’s what people had to say to Paul:


We just wanted to let you know we have SOOOOO appreciated all of your hard work the past couple of months. We know you have been working like crazy trying to cover for everyone and get everything done. You’ve done an amazing job! And have had a good good attitude to boot! Thank you for helping make our jobs easier. 🙂 You’re amazing!!! 

Introducing… Myrtle A. Duck

Myrtle Duck

At the September SAPA meeting Myrtle A. Duck was introduced.  The “A” in her name stands for Appreciation.”  Myrtle is making her way around the offices of SAU, but she needs your help to get from office to office.

Rules for Myrtle the Duck

1.  You received Myrtle because someone wanted to appreciate you for what you do. Congratulations!

2.  Have someone in your office take a picture of you and Myrtle (send to Laura Tenney).

3.  Myrtle can be displayed on your desk for no more than 3 days.

4.  After 3 days, deliver Myrtle to another employee in a different department than your own.  Include a personal note explaining why you have chosen to show appreciation to that person.

5. Watch the SAPA website for pictures and updates on Myrtle’s travels around SAU.

We look forward to finding out where Myrtle will be next!

9/10/13 SAPA Meeting Recap & Video

We had an excellent turnout for our first SAPA meeting of the year on 9/10/13.  Here are the highlights:

  • New employees were welcomed with a free gift (If you are new and didn’t make it to the meeting, contact Jim Weidman to arrange for your gift delivery).
  • 13-14 SAPA punch cards were passed out.  We’ll have these at each meeting also if you didn’t get one.  Get your card stamped at each SAPA meeting and your department could win a Hinkley’s Donuts party or Marino’s Pizza party.
  • September birthdays were announced
  • Snacks for the 13-14 meetings will again be provided by departments.  See Audra Leininger to sign up.
  • Jim Weidman spoke about the SAU community and what it means for SAPA.  He also explained the concept and intention for the President’s Leadership Team (formerly President’s Council) and touched on some aspects of the Strategic Plan.
  • The verse of the year (Matthew 5:16) was introduced.
  • Time was spent in prayer for the university.
  • Myrtle the “Appreciation” Duck was introduced (more on that later).
  • Staff were encouraged to attend Chapel and SAU athletic events.

Just in case you missed it, here is the video:

YouTube Preview Image

2013-14 SAPA Executive Committee

Jim Weidman

Vice President (President Elect)
Joe Neill

Audra Leininger

Jody Reynolds

Benefits Chair
Laura Tenney

Faculty Representative
Greg Bentle

Student Government Association Representative
Aaron Sanford

We are all looking forward to another great year in SAPA!

May’s SAPA Meeting: Jeff Edwards

If you missed May’s SAPA meeting, here is the link: Watch and enjoy!

April’s SAPA Meeting: Brent Ellis

If you missed April’s SAPA meeting, here is the link: Watch and enjoy!

March’s SAPA Meeting: Kimberly Hayward

If you missed March’s SAPA meeting, here is the link: Watch and enjoy!

Check Out February’s SAPA Meeting

Just click on the link and enjoy! Link:



Video of January SAPA Meeting

If you missed the January SAPA meeting, here is the link:


SAPA Meeting: Q & A with the President

If you missed the last SAPA meeting, please follow the link to watch and enjoy:

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact SAPA President, Jim Weidman at

Video from Last Month’s SAPA Meeting

Click and Enjoy watching:

September’s SAPA Meeting

SAPA Picnic Pictures

Thanks for coming out to the picnic last week. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Here are a few pictures that were taken of the event. Enjoy! Link to pictures:


Distinguished Service Award




The Staff -Administration Professional Association Distinguished Service Award is an honor to be bestowed not more than one time to any individual (beginning 1993-94) and shall consist of a monetary gift of $250 and a personalized certificate of recognition to be presented in the fall. Following appropriate guidelines, the monetary gift will be taxed.

PURPOSE FOR THE AWARD  The purpose of the award is to:

  • recognize one administrative and two staff personnel for outstanding service to Spring Arbor University and/or their extended communities through participation in church, community, and/or volunteer programs;
  • build community and enhance morale among staff and administrative personnel.

ELIGIBILITY FOR THE AWARD  Those eligible for the award must:

  • be designated by contract as administrative or staff personnel and not classified as a member of the Executive Team;
    be contracted for at least 20 hours per week for not less than nine months;
  • have completed three years of service to Spring Arbor University.

CRITERIA FOR THE AWARD  Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award must have demonstrated a commitment to the mission and purpose of Spring Arbor University through

  • outstanding job performance and attendance;
  • creativity, innovation, and leadership within their area of responsibility;
  • active involvement in their greater community (i.e. church, community, and/or volunteer programs).

NOMINATION PROCEDURE  The nomination procedure is as follows:

  • All administrative and staff personnel will receive a nomination form (see below) and will be invited to nominate one SAU colleague to receive this award. Please fill out this form and print it out to turn it in. All nominations must address the above criteria.
  • Completed nomination forms must be signed and dated by the nominator.
  • Completed nomination forms must be sent to a designated member (see nomination form) of the SAPA Distinguished Service Award Committee by the published deadline date.

SELECTION PROCEDURE  (Revised 2002-03) The selection procedure is as follows:

  • The SAPA Distinguished Service Award Committee will compile nominations and make the selection. The Awards Committee might check with an employee’s supervisor to verify details regarding attendance and job performance.
  • The committee will notify the appropriate business office personnel regarding the results of the selection.

To nominate someone for the award;  see the attached form: Distinquished Service Award Nomination Form



Announcing the 2012-2013 SAPA Committee

Congratulations to the following persons who were elected to serve SAPA next year!

Jim Weidman

Vice President
Deb Scott

Carolyn Lindley

Benefits Chair-Elect
Terri Reeves

Faculty Representative
Michelle Coats

Student Government Association Representative
Jill Raymond

We are all looking forward to another great year in SAPA!

Special Meeting: President’s Report – Board of Trustee’s Meeting

On Monday, May 14 from 2-3 p.m. there will be a SAPA meeting in the White Auditorium. President Webb will be reporting on the Board of Trustees meeting that took place today (May 11th).

For those who cannot attend the meeting in person on Monday… 

Follow these instructions and call in 10 or 15 minutes before 2:00 PM to get acclimated to how the system works.   Be sure and “mute” your own phone, (unless you have a comment or question to ask).


President’s Council | May 18, 2012

Ronda Saurbek has posted notes from the May 18, 2012 President’s Council Meeting.  See the “Minutes” tab.

Summary of SAPA in 2011-12

5/1 | The Power of Values | Tammy Dindoffer

Thanks to those of you who came out for our May SAPA meeting in the Poling Center!

About 60 of you were there to enjoy the fellowship, food, prizes and encouraging and challenging message from Tammy Dindoffer on The Power of Values.

A brief outline of that meeting is below and visit the Pages for detailed minutes, prayer requests and more. The Blogroll on the right sidebar now has an “Archived SAPA Meetings” link. Be sure to check it out!

The Mystery Baby Photo was of Jami Lowstuter. Eleven of you guessed correctly and Brooke Harris is our winner this month!

SAPA Meeting – May 1st, 2012

· Welcome. Our President, Rhonda Saurbek, called our meeting to order and welcomed everyone. She gave a few announcements, which included recognizing new employees, reminder to submit your SAPA ballots by May 9th, and recognition of those who have faithfully attended all our meetings this year. Seven employees have done so, and Jill Mason was our winner.

· Devotions. Gary Mason led us in devotions with the theme of importance of prayer.

· Speaker Tammy Dindoffer shared about “The Power of Values“. We were challenged to identify our top values and integrate those values into our vision for the future and use that to influence our leadership and followership.

· Prize Drawings and Closing Prayer by Steve Newton and Lorie Cornell.

The next SAPA gathering is our picnic at Somerset Beach Campground on Wednesday, June 13th from 12:30 to 5:00 PM. Lunch will be serviced at 1:00 PM. Watch for further announcements to come.

4/3 | Growing in Resources | Robbie Bolton

Thanks to those of you who came out for our April SAPA meeting in White Auditorium!   About 45 of you were there to enjoy the fellowship, food, student activity updates and informative and helpful library resource information from Robbie Bolton. A brief outline of that meeting is below, and formal minutes will be posted on the Minutes page of this site.

The Mystery Baby Photo was of Jill Mason.  Ten of you guessed correctly and Laura Tenney is our winner this month. Congratulations Laura!

SAPA Meeting – April 3, 2012

  • Welcome.  Our Vice President, Marie Slisher, called our meeting to order and welcomed everyone.  She gave a few announcements, which included a reminder to mark your calendars for the SAPA picnic, June 13th, and SAPA nominations are being finalized.  An electronic ballot will be coming within the next week or so.
  • Devotions.   Gary Mason led us in devotions with the theme of unity in Spirit.
  • Announcement.  Student Government President, Hannah Adams, gave updates on recent student activities.
  • Speaker Robbie Bolton shared about “Growing in Resources”.  We were informed and encouraged to take advantage of the resources available through our White Library, which include simply linking to their sites on facebook, twitter and
  • Prize Drawings and Closing Prayer by Steve Newton and Lorie Cornell.


3/6 | Growing in Christ | Paul Patton

Thanks to those of you who came out for our March SAPA meeting!

Over 70 of you were there to enjoy the fellowship, food and fun and receive updates and an encouraging message from Paul Patton.   A brief outline of that meeting is below, but you can check out the tabs for detailed minutes,  prayer requests and more.

The Blogroll on the right sidebar now has an “Archived SAPA Meetings” link.   Check it out!

The Mystery Baby Photo was of Rhonda Saurbek.  Six of you guessed correctly and Austin Norton is our winner this month!

SAPA Meeting – March 6, 2012

  • Welcome.  Our President, Rhonda Saurbek, called our meeting to order and welcomed everyone.  She gave a few announcements, which included a reminder to submit nominations for next SAPA year’s officers.   See the SAPA Nomination Form with descriptions and submission information. Nominations are due to Ronda by March 23rd.
  • Reminder:  Please plan to join Jerry White and Betty Overton-Adkins on Tuesday, March 20 from 4-5 p.m. in the White Auditorium to discuss the SAU budget situation. This meeting will be an informal gathering where Jerry and Betty will answer questions and take suggestions. The SAPA Executive Committee appreciates the opportunity to meet with Betty and Jerry and we encourage your participation. Instructions to call in for the meeting will be sent soon. Thank you!
  • Devotions.   Gary Mason led us in individual table discussions of spiritual growth—how have we grown spiritually in our lives?
  • Announcement.  Robyn Florian of University Communication introduced the new branding campaign for the university.
  • Speaker Paul Patton shared about “Growing in Christ”.    We were inspired by Paul who shared with us a couple of stories that show “where we are” and the legacy of B.T. and Ellen Roberts.
  • Prize Drawings and Closing Prayer by Steve Newton and Lorie Cornell.


2/7 | Growing Globally | Carla Koontz

Thanks to those of you who came out for our February SAPA meeting!  Over 50 of you were there to enjoy the fellowship, food and fun and receive an enjoyable, informative update from Carla Koontz.

Our President, Rhonda Saurbek, called our meeting to order and welcomed everyone, including new employees who were present.

Devotions were led by Rick Morgan with a focus on finding our “value” from God and ministering to others because they are “valued” as God’s children.


  • Jill Raymond needs help with dinners for Team Impact, who will be ministering here in Jackson over Spring break.
  • Gwen Hersha gave updates from recent Faculty meeting.

Prize Drawings from all over the world.

Speaker Carla Koontz shared about “Growing Globally”.
(1)    Why provide cross cultural experiences for students.
(2)    Appreciation to whole SAU village for their part in making these connections possible.
(3)    Introduction of our visiting scholars.  Lily was present at the meeting.
(4)    Highlights of programs SAU offers and are pursuing.
(5)    Rachel DeSimpelare, who recently returned from Guatemala Semester shared.

The Mystery Baby Photo was of Christy Randall!  What a cutie!!  Six of you guessed correctly and Eileen Santee is our winner this month. Congrats to Eileen!

We apologize that the live streaming and call-in features were not available at the meeting.  Look for new instructions for a better live-streaming platform in March.   We will ensure the phone-in feature will be functioning in March as well.

You will want to check out the tabs on this site for detailed minutes, President’s Council report,  prayer requests and more.

See you in March!

1/17 | Growing in Customer Service | Jeff Edwards

Thanks to those of you who came out for our January SAPA meeting!

Almost 60 of you were there to enjoy the fellowship, food and fun and receive a challenging  and encouraging message from Jeff Edwards.   A brief outline of that meeting is below.  Be sure to check out the tabs on this page for detailed minutes, President’s Council report,  prayer requests and more.

The Mystery Baby Photo was of Gordon Eccles.  Thirteen of you guessed correctly and Terri Reeves is our winner this month!

SAPA Meeting – Jan 17, 2012

Our President, Rhonda Saurbek, called our meeting to order and welcomed everyone, including new employees who were present.

Devotions were led by Gary Mason with a focus on our theme of Growing in Customer Service. Besides Jesus’ example (Matt 10:28) and admonition (John 20:21), Gary summarized the story of “Johnny the Bagger”. Listen to the story below:
YouTube Preview Image

Dan Vander Hill gave a brief Budget Committee Update.
Rhonda Saurbek and Julie Zeller gave a brief update from the OE Task Force.

Speaker Jeff Edwards shared about “Growing in Customer Service”.
(1)    Foster a heart of hospitality.
(2)    See what our guests see.
(3)    Remember our purpose.
(4)    Be empowered to act.


Prize Drawings and Closing Prayer by Steve Newton.

12/5 | SAPA/Faculty Christmas Buck Lunch

12/5 | SAPA/Faculty Christmas Buck Lunch

Gary’s festive tie only hints at the fun had today at our SAPA/Faculty Christmas lunch. Thanks to everyone who made it such a success and a special thanks to all our musicians!

YouTube Preview Image


11/1 | Growing in Fun | SAPA Committee

11/1 | Growing in Fun | SAPA Committee

10:03 am – Welcome/SAPA Announcements Rhonda Saurbek

10:05 – 10:15 am – Opening Prayer/Devotions Gary Mason

10:15 – 10:20 am – Announcements from groups

10:20 – 10:40 am – Minute to Win It Steve NewtonLorie Cornell

10:40 – 10:55 am – Trivia Game David Goodrich

10:55 am – Closing Prayer Steve Newton

Farewell Party for Bethany & Shawn | Tech Services | 10/7/2011

Farewell Party for Bethany & Shawn | Tech Services | 10/7/2011

Today, we had a going away party for Bethany and Shawn in Technology Services at Spring Arbor University. Although it is a sad occasion to lose their outstanding skill and fun personalities in our department, Jason helped lighten the mood with this original song to them:

YouTube Preview Image

Bethany, beyond thriving with all your responsibilities in your role in Technology Services, you have provided our department uncountable times of laughter and joy in the daily interactions you had with each of us. Know that our hearts are with you in this new season in your life and that you will be deeply missed here at Spring Arbor University. Thank you, for all you have done for us this past year.

Shawn, similarly, you have provided immense professionally and expertise these past few years while you have served our community here and you always seem to do it with just joy and optimism which makes coming into work all the more desirable for us all. You will also be missed dearly both in Dietzman, on the disc golf course, and throughout our entire SAU community.  Thank you for your invaluable contributions during your time here.

10/4 | Growing with Students | Sam Riggleman & students

Thanks to those of you who came out for our October SAPA meeting! Over 70 of you were there to enjoy the fellowship, food and fun and receive a challenging and encouraging message from Sam Riggleman and three of SAU’ athletes. A brief outline of that meeting is below, but you can connect to our new SAPA site for more information and pictures. Check out the tabs for detailed minutes, prayer requests and more. Connect at:

The Mystery Baby Photo was of John Beck. Six of you guessed correctly and Duane Skene is our winner this month!

Winner of the prize drawing from our sites was Hope Taylor from our Detroit Site! Thanks for connecting with us….and for your patience as we work through the kinks to improve this.

SAPA Meeting – Oct 4, 2011

Our new President, Rhonda Saurbek, called our meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Devotions were led by Gary Mason, followed by a time of prayer around individual tables.

( 1 ) Lorie Cornell gave a brief update on budget meetings. Rhonda Saurbek will now begin attending these meetings to represent SAPA.
( 2 ) Lorie also reported formation from Student Government Association.
( 3 ) David Goodrich gave a debut on our new SAPA web page.

Speaker Sam Riggleman shared about “Growing With our Students”. Three of SAU’s athletes, Ashley Stelter, Taylor Lange and Steven Kolb also shared testimonials related to their experience here at SAU.

Prize Drawings and Closing Prayer by Steve Newton.

Next Month’s meeting is November 1st, 2011 with the theme “Growing in Joy”. Mark your calendars and come out for a time of fellowship and extra special fun!


SAPA Agenda Oct. 4, 2011

SAPA Agenda Oct. 4, 2011

  • 10:03 am – Welcome/SAPA Announcements | Rhonda Saurbek
  • 10:05 – 10:10 am – Opening Prayer/ Devotions | Gary Mason
  • 10:10 – 10:15 am – Announcements from groups Budget Update from Monday’s meeting | Lorie Cornell
    • Student Government Update | Lorie Cornell
  • 10:15 – 10:50 am – Presentations
    • Intro Sam Riggleman | Rhonda Saurbek
    • Growing with Students | Sam Riggleman
    • Testimonies Student athlete(s)
  • 10:50 am – Prizes & Closing Prayer | Steve Newton

New 2011-2012 SAPA President!

Rhonda Saurbek has been voted in as our new 2011-2012 SAPA President! Thanks to both Rhonda and Gordon Eccles for your willingness to step up and be available to our staff and administration through this position. Thanks to all of you who cast your vote as well. Our next SAPA meeting is fast approaching — see you on Tuesday, Oct 4, 2011.

“Growing Our Campus” Recap | Sept 20, 2011

“Growing Our Campus” Recap | Sept 20, 2011

Thank you to those of you who came out for our first SAPA meeting of the year!!  Over 80 of you were present!! You can see an archive of parts of the meeting here while the technology cooperated and don’t miss the pictures from our time together here!

Many of you left your finished ballots with us already for the SAPA presidency. If you still need to send us your vote then stop by the office of Donna Bentle (Business Office), Marie Slisher (Academic Affairs Office), or David Goodrich (Technology Department ) to vote in person by end of the day on Friday, Sept 23rd.

Don’t miss the Power Point from Tuesday’s meeting that has the Mystery Photo so you can vote on it if you haven’t already:

SAPA Meeting – Sept 20, 2011 (Detailed minutes are available for download in the “Minutes” page)

  • Marie Slisher called our meeting to order and introduced the current SAPA Executive team.
  • Presented Gordon Eccles and Rhonda Saurbek as our nominees for SAPA President. Ballots were distributed.
  • Recognized new employees who were present.
  • Items we will institute throughout this year in SAPA. * BYOM, *Live Streaming, *Diversity Table, *Table Talk and *Mystery Baby Photo.
  • Prayer and Devotion given by Gary Mason
  • Upcoming Opportunities presented: (1) Student Success Initiative by Kim Hayworth, Brooke Harris and Robin Smith.
  • (2) Planned time of regular prayer presented by David McCallum. (3) Biggest Loser starting back up this fall by Marie Slisher. First meeting Wednesday, Sept 21 at 2:00 pm. (4) Special Extended SAPA meeting Thursday, Sept 22 at 2:00 with representatives from the E-team. Taking place in Ralph Carey Forum.
  • Speaker Bobby Pratt shared about “Growing Our Campus”.
  • Prize Drawings and Closing Prayer by Steve Newton.

Next Month’s meeting is Oct 4, 2011 in Ralph Carey Forum with Sam Riggleman – Growing with Students.

Extended SAPA Budget Meeting – Thursday Sept 22

Extended SAPA Budget Meeting – Thursday Sept 22

Thursday, September 22nd, there will be an extended SAPA meeting from 2:00 – 3:00 pm with representatives from the E-team. You are welcome to attend to get information and ask questions. This will take place in the Ralph Carey Forum.

Presently we are trying to work out the details for the “Conference Calling” for those of you off-site. Keep watching your email for these further instructions.

Your SAPA Committee
Lorie Cornell – Present SAPA Representative at Budget Meetings

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Pics from “Growing Our Campus” SAPA Meeting | 9.20.2011

Pics from “Growing Our Campus” SAPA Meeting | 9.20.2011

SAPA selects the 2011-2012 verse of the year

The 2011-2012 SAPA verse of the year will be:

If being in a community of the Spirit means anything to you, if you have a heart, if you care–then do me a favor: Agree with each other, love each other, be deep-spirited friends. —Philippians 2:2 (MSG)

Meeting Dates

Greetings to all SAPA members,
Dates have been set for 2011-2012 SAPA meetings.  Meetings will take place from 10am to 11am in the Ralph Carey Forum. 
We look forward to seeing you there!
Meeting dates:
Tuesday, September 20th
Tuesday, October 4th
Tuesday, November 1st
Monday, December 5th (SAPA Buck Lunch Christmas Party)
Tuesday, January 17th
Tuesday, February 7th
Tuesday, March 6th
Tuesday, April 3rd
Tuesday, May 1st
Tuesday, June 13th (SAPA Picnic)

Thanks to those who attended the 2011 SAPA Picnic

Thank you to everyone who came to and helped out with the 2011 SAPA picnic.

Click here for pictures

It was a blessings to have time to share food and fellowship with the amazing people that work at Spring Arbor University.

Introducing your new SAPA Committee

2011-2012 SAPA Executive Committee

We look forward to a great year with your leadership!

Stephanie Bartell, President
Marie Slisher, Vice President
Donna Bentle, Secretary
Steve Newton, Benefits Chair
Gary Mason, Benefits Chair Elect
David Goodrich, Faculty Representative
Lorie Cornell, SGA Representative

Congratulations to Steve Reed

Steve Reed, the 2011 Punch Prize Winner

SAPA’s 2011 Punch Prize goes to Steve Reed of Financial Aid.  Grand Prize was a $50 Gift Card to Red Lobster.  Congratulations Steve – and the 7 other SAPA members who had perfect attendance at all of our meetings this year!
SAPA meetings were well attended throughout the year, with an average of 60 staff present at monthly meetings.  The SAUToid contest was a hit – and produced 8 winners throughout the year – thanks for joining in the fun! 
Several offices worked together to provide refreshments for our meetings – the spread of delicious snacks were always a welcome sight! Thanks to each of you who donated and baked, organized and arranged the refreshment table.
SAPA continued to provide door prizes this year – with the most annoying prize being a pack of disposable razors!  (we finally got rid of them all).  The most appreciated prizes were the Sacred Grounds coupons – and most valuable prizes were the books that followed the theme of each meeting.
I’d like to express a special thanks to the following committee members who made each meeting come together with success:  Lorie Cornell, Carol Ann Bunnell, Terry McClintic, Steve Newton, Rob Kingsley, and Stephanie Bartell.

Listening is a Spiritual Thing

On May 3rd, we will welcome Mary Darling, Associate Professor of Communication, to our last SAPA meeting of the year. Mary will share thoughts about listening from her latest book, Connecting Like Jesus, which she co-authored with well-known communicator, Tony Campolo. Something you may not know:  Connecting Like Jesus was a required text in the COR 100 sections this year.  A few quotes from the book to get you thinking…

“We can learn to ‘listen in the moment’ no matter what is going on in our lives.”

 “Jesus listened, not for what he needed to hear, but for what others needed to   say and have him hear.”

“When we listen to the deepest needs and concerns of another’s soul, we affirm his or her very personhood.”

A copy of Connecting Like Jesus, courtesy of Shar Fortress in the Bookstore, will be given away during the meeting.

Visit Mary’s website….

Announcing….the 2011-2012 SAPA Committee

Stephanie Bartell (Admissions)

Vice President
Marie Slisher (Academic Affairs)

Donna Bentle (Business Office)

Benefits Chair
Steve Newton (Student Development)

Benefits Chair Elect
Gary Mason (Admissions)

Faculty Representative
David Goodrich (Technology Services)

Student Government Association Representative
Lorie Cornell (Student Development)

Be sure to extend your congratulations!

GPS December 2010 Employee of the Month

We would like to recognize Janet Vannest as our December Employee of the Month. We recognize Janet’s longevity with SAU and the various roles she has filled. Janet has been a recruiter, assessment counselor, academic advisor, registrar, academic coordinator, coordinator of academic services, and a fine faculty member. She has enthusiastically taken on every role and has done a great job in each. Janet is a joy to work with and always friendly, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile. Janet will receive a gift certificate as a small token of appreciation.
 Special recognition to:
Janet Vannest
Academic Advisor/Instructor – Bay City/Flint Sites

              Please join us in congratulating Janet!

GPS February 2011 Employee of the Month

Special recognition to
Sara Lancaster
We would like to recognize Sara Lancaster as our February Employee of the Month. Sara has a reputation for working “overtime” to provide top-notch customer service to our MSN applicants and cohorts while maintaining her other responsibilities, all under deadline pressure! Sara puts herself in the shoes of the students and thinks of ways to ease their stress in order to make their SAU experience a very positive one. Sara is creative in the use of technology to find better, faster, more efficient ways to expedite the enrollment process. She is always cheerful with a smile you can “see” over the phone, and consistently delivers more than promised, faster than promised. Sara will receive a gift certificate as a small token of appreciation.

GPS January 2011 Employee of the Month

Special recognition goes to


Amanda Herron

Student Services Coordinator
Midwest Region – Kalamazoo Site

We would like to recognize Amanda Herron as our January Employee of the Month. Amanda is always upbeat and encouraging to students and staff and has used her gift for encouragement to assist students in crisis to stay the course and complete their programs. Her innovative ideas and organizational skills have been a benefit to other staff and have contributed to more efficient and cost effective processes at the site. Amanda was recently involved in coordinating a very successful food drive, raising over 1,150 food items for the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission and Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes organizations. Amanda is a blessing to all and a very positive reflection of both SAU and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Amanda will receive a gift certificate as a small token of appreciation.

Congratulations, Amanda!

SAPA nomination form

Download your SAPA nomination form here:

Please submit the form to Carol Ann Bunnell by Tuesday, March 22nd.

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SAPA nom form

SAUs Precious Gem

Our March keynote is Dr. Garnet Hauger from the mathematics department.  Her many professional roles on campus have given her the opportunity to hone her skills pertaining to her topic “Dealing with Difficult People.”  She has the integrity to teach this topic from the perspective of godly virtues of leadership, as well as lessons learned through mistakes.

Garnet is in her fortieth consecutive year of teaching at SAU and currently carries the title of Emeritus Faculty in Mathematics.  Although, now trying to scale back her campus responsibilities as a pseudo-retiree, she has held the following positions:  Chair of the Natural Science Division, Chair of the Math/Computer Science/Physics
department, and Dean of the school of Arts and Sciences.
Garnet brings a wealth of knowledge to her job both from her experience and her education, including her BS and MA in Mathematics from Illinois State University, A second Masters in Probability and Statistics from MSU and her PHD in Educational Psychology from MSU. 
So what does Garnet do in her free time?  She reads novels to widen her experience with people in other times, cultures, and circumstances, enjoys Sudoku puzzles and considers herself a “minesweeper” expert.  She is very involved at her church as treasurer, and part of the worship team (where she sings Alto, in case anybody wondered).  She enjoys her daily walks, and walking through life with her husband John.  She keeps life relatively simple, with a focus on family, faith and modeling the role of a life-long learner.

Please help me welcome Shawn Rutan

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty with some highly practical tips about our desk phones and email accounts!
Please help me welcome Shawn Rutan at our next SAPA meeting, a member of the SAU Help Desk Team, who will be our feature on Tuesday, February 1st at 10:00am in the Ralph Carey Forum.
Don’t forget SAPAs monthly highlights:
·         Prizes
·         Delicious goodies
·         Sacred Grounds coffee, hot tea and cocoa
·         Smiles, new friends, old friends
·         Refreshment!


NEEDED: All kinds of laundry items – new and/or partly used items are welcome!
From now until Spring Break
Contact: Jill Raymond at SAU

• detergent
• bleach
• dryer sheets

The SAU Jackson Missions Team is collecting items for our Community Laundry Day that will be held during spring break. We provide underprivileged Jackson residents with free washing, drying and laundry detergent at a Laundromat downtown. THANKS for your HELP!


March 12 – 19th
Contact: Jill Raymond at SAU

The Jackson Missions Team is looking for volunteers who would be willing to provide our team of 12 with dinners during our trip. The dates for the trip are Friday, March 12th through Saturday, March 19th.

We will be staying at The Salvation Army in Jackson, which is fully equipped with a kitchen. So, you’d be able to cook right on site if you’d like to. Or if it is easier for you, we are willing to come to your home for dinner.

You don’t have to be a great cook, just willing! And we will be happy with whatever you cook or bring for us to eat. And…please bring your families along and even stay for worship afterwards if you’d like.

It’s my pleasure to introduce…


I’ve personally been waiting for the January SAPA meeting (18th).  Early this fall, our committee chose to include the session “living out our faith at work” based on the feedback we had received from you (surveys and comments), and with which we agreed was a rich and appropriate topic for our meetings.  Then – having Robin Smith agree to present the session was like ‘frosting on the cake’.
A few words that come to mind when I think of Robin:  energetic, busy, fun-loving, adventurous, serious, committed, shining light. [You can add your own words as a “comment” below]
For seven and a half years, Robin has been a member of the Spring Arbor Community; first as a Financial Aid Counselor, and then in the Student Development Office.  She is also an adjunct instructor for GPS, teaching ORM 533 Spirituality in the Workplace.
Robin has served on the SAPA Benefits Committee – enjoying the chance to work with other SAU employees, ask questions and clarify policy.  She is a huge NFL fan, cheers for the Colts, loves to read, be outdoors, go to the beach, and visit Mexico.  
Family:  Husband, Homer, who works in University Advancement; Jenna 24, who lives in Indiana with her family, Ryne 22, who is the Mongolian Chef in the Dining Commons. [She says Ryne gets his tattoos from her]
Job Title:  Director of Student Success and Freshman Programming
Favorite thing about working at SAU:  “The community…LOVE IT!!!”
Something we wouldn’t know:  She has a metal rod in her back that holds her spine up straight
Most embarrassing (“horrifying”) moment:  Mistakenly calling the parent of a deceased student to discuss a loan application…right name, wrong ID number.  Yikes!  “…taught me a valuable lesson about ALWAYS checking the details in CARS.”
When asked what she’d like to say to the SAPA members, she replied:  “OWN IT”, which happens to be the 2010 New Student Orientation theme.  “Therefore, prepare your minds for action.” I Peter 1:13.  OWN IT. 

SAPA serves up ELF, cocoa and Christmas goodies

The Christmas Open House for SAU students on December 13th was a success!  
 Many thanks to those of you who contributed ingredients for hot cocoa and treats for students stopping in for a late evening “study break”.   
The movie ELF was on the big screen, the fireplace was glowing, the espresso machine was chugging away, and Rob even showed up in his elf costume!
Nathan Randall cranked out the hot cocoa, Duane Skene took care of the movie, Gary Mason and Greg Bentle made their way to several buildings on campus – personally inviting students to the event.  
Many other SAPA folks helped set up, visited with students and each other during the event, served goodies, and helped clean up. 
Thanks to everyone for participating – it was a great way to say Merry Christmas to our students!

Lunch (and more) for a buck

On Tuesday, December 7th, SAPA sponsored a Buck Lunch for its members.

Over 100 folks signed in at the Dining Commons, paid $1, and carried their food to the Ralph Carey Forum to meet with others for lunch.

This year the Faculty Forum, led by President John Williams, joined with SAPA for a 2-hour, come-and-go lunch in a festive atmosphere.

Carol Ann Bunnell trimmed the tables with greens and candles, and arranged musical performances from our very own students and staff!

Steve and Lorie brought a Christmas tree, and awarded door prizes throughout the event.

A big thanks to all who participated!

Let us know what you enjoyed about the event by leaving a comment below.


SAPA members were well-represented at the November 20, 2010 Commencement ceremonies.  We are proud of you –colleagues and SAPA members – for completing your degree!
Bachelor of Arts

Sharon McCarrell – Registration & Records

Susan Panak – White Library Archives
Dawn Reynolds – White Library
Ashley VanHeest – Jackson
Master of Arts
Chrissandra Caldwell, MA
Liz Dusseau – Campus Admissions
Rachel Jolly – Lansing
Jim Madden – Kalamazoo
Emily Mitchell – Admissions
Regina Richardson – Toledo