2011 Seniors Honored

Seniors were honored at a banquet April 26.  Each year faculty members makes notes on the students, which are then compiled into a tribute.

In addition, individual faculty and students have an opportunity to express thanks or give advice.  A senior memories video is also compiled and edited by lab assistants.

This is the senior class that gave us the Pulse and Stage Struck.  And this is the class that finally started to make sense of the agency while managing to avoid the sophomore check.

You came with big goals and left with large accomplishments.  As a faculty, we salute you.  And we will miss you.  Each of you.  And so now, in alphabetical order, we remember you and bless you.

Kristen, for example, has had to do a lot of public speaking in her classes.  It is not her favorite thing, but she will do well because she is willing to show up and do what has to be done.

Elise has her own three C’s.  To credible, creative Christian she has added capable, conscientious and charming.  Her tenure as Pulse editor has been served by her organizational skills and personal passion.  I’ve seen her color coded proof reading guide.  I hope her fiancée knows what he is getting into.

We’re excited that Justin finally prepared a speech ahead of time—for chapel this year.  And in addition to being a talented student and a star pitcher, his legacy will be his sense of humor.  And his love for chick flicks.  Not to mention what Dorie calls one of the funniest pieces in Epic history.

Then there is David, who will be remembered for his wardrobe in Stage Struck.  That’s too bad, because we think he will fulfill the prophecy and defeat Vodermort.  And then there will be dancing.   With a feather boa.  Our advice?  Put on more foundation, David, and let your light shine.

Matt can’t be here tonight, since he is away doing serious stuff.  This blessed seriousness will inform his careful, artistic, gentle soul, while be exposes the evils of the world with conscientious reporting.

Christie is solid.  Solid sister, solid student, and solid mom.  Put solid together with gracious and dependable and everyone will see her as we have, salt of the earth sort of solid.  Her cheery attitude and astute observations make her welcome in any discussion.

Kurt we would like to see in a performance show down with David.  Another “on-fire” talent, his juggling is first class and his rendition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was better than the original.   We admit that’s not too hard to do, but we expect to see him with his own 60 million page views on You-Tube sooner or later.

Bryan can film and edit it.  A talented and prolific filmmaker, he has grown in kindness, artistry and ministry.  Since he was a freshman he has taken the initiative in making SAU reflect the kingdom of God.  He will do this where ever he goes.

So will Amber, who is dependable and creative in a way that gets things done, like her honors project with Forget-Me-Never.  She is a detail-oriented organizer with a deep joy.  You can hear her grin on the phone.

Austin does better work when he is passionate about the topic.  And we look forward to his finding the passions that will inspire us all.  Because his dry humor and comedic timing will make us care about it too, before we even know what hit us.

Allie is a veteran EPIC producer, three years, which is notable in its own right. She helped create and run our film festival.  She is gluten free, if you have to know.  But she owns the narrative in film class.  We are bringing her back from time to time to lecture on Little Miss Sunshine.

Brendan has something you all want.  A job.  But not just a job, but a good job, with a well-known camera house in LA.  One of the best lab assistants ever, we hope to be working for him some day.

Maybe Nate will be working with him.  A transfer who came late to the party, Nato won a Telly award for his entry in the Pepsi-Maxx commercial contest. This talented filmmaker is dependable and likeable. He can also beat box.

Charlie has also been offered a job, after a semester at LAFSC.  That’s why he is always grinning.  His steady, solid contribution to EPIC over several semesters models the dependable contribution that defines service.

Maybe Francesco could be his spokesman.  Anybody would like Francesco as a spokesman.  He has a gift for engaging people and could get away with posturing.  But rarely tries.  We ask that you use your charisma wisely, because it is a great power.

The likeable Peter has been here a long time.  If he learns to watch out for things falling off trucks at Lowes, he will live to be a great story-teller and a gracious husband and father.  He is a solid videographer and an exceptional editor.

Breinne is a stage director that people loved even during “hell week.”  We bet on her musical and won.  Her bonds are stronger than gaff tape and her love higher than fly space.  Jen doesn’t always say that about people. She is a director with a capital D. Think artist as servant.

We kept finding new things that Christina was good at, beside soccer and school work. She starts early, works hard and proves herself over and over.  We knew she would be captain.  We just don’t yet know all the things she will be captain of.

Joe is another video guy with a great grin and a good heart.  A good eye and an innate sense of timing serve him well in the editing suite, and he has contributed many memorable and funny pieces to EPIC over the years.

Nathan, of course, is a super hero.  We’ve seen his navy and orange outfit.  Talent is in front of the camera.  Literally.  And he makes us laugh, sharing his wit and ideas with EPIC and with colleagues on stage.

Gabe imitates Justin so well it is easy to forget he is all around the EPIC heart throb, and easily shuns Kimme Pool’s grandma character. He would be a good catch though, if you understand Hebrew, which he has tattooed on his arm.  He’s a good editor, a good lab assistant and a valued member of a team.

We want Becky to represent us all, when she has her own PR firm some day.  But in the meantime she is off for interviews tonight and we wish her well as she seeks a job as an RA.  Someone will want to hire her on the spot, even if she doesn’t have a Mac. Her inspiring level of commitment to serving and learning makes her a PR rep for Jesus.

We think Eric understand us better than anyone.  We’ve just never heard him talk about it.   As a student worker for Duane Skene, he’s the guy to thank for your personal copy of tonight’s senior video.   And then there is the instructional video on disc golf. He’s quiet, but he’s just geeky enough to run the world some day.

Nicole is also a woman of hidden talents, who can make do web work, develop credit card props and join the chorus.  In just two years has graced a long list of projects and production.  And we mean grace here in its truest sense.  She stands in the tradition of servant leaders, the credible, creative Christian professionals we prayed you would become.

And indeed you have.  This is a strong class we send into the world, a class that will influence generations yet unborn with writing, acting, directing, producing, advertising, promoting, broadcasting and coaching that speaks the truth in love.

We ask you to walk worthy of your calling in Christ Jesus.  And we know you will.