The History of the Women in Leadership Conference- Linda Schaub

The History of the Women in Leadership Conference

Our long time faculty advisor Linda Schaub shares the history of the Women in Leadership Conference.

Since 2008, when the Spring Arbor University Women in Leadership Conference began under the leadership of Beverly Nemecek, Professor of Marketing in the Gainey School of Business, students have created day-long conferences that offer professional and personal enrichment for women. It has been a joy to be involved with this event and watch it grow from a dream to reality. Each year a dedicated group of students work together to plan and organize this special day for other women. Their creativity and passion for the program is truly inspiring!

The inaugural year served a little less than 50 women with keynote speaker Denise Anton, an executive from the Taubman Group. In ensuing years the number of women attending has more than doubled. Every year, student Co-Chairs select a theme and build a set of workshops around it. Keynote speakers best suited to address each year’s theme have been recruited from across the country. We have had speakers with a wide variety of professional expertise such as published authors, entrepreneurs, corporate CEO’s, life coaches, and TV personalities. 2019 will continue this tradition with SAU alumna Babbie Mason, an award winning gospel singer, composer and author who also hosts her own upbeat TV talk show, Babbie’s House. You will be refreshed, inspired and challenged to leave with ideas that will take your leadership at work, at home and in the community to new levels of achievement.

The vision for the Spring Arbor University Women in Leadership Conference is to provide women of all ages a special day set aside to develop the skills and networks that will help fulfill their potential as leaders. Students work hard each year to pull together speakers and workshop leaders that will provide relevant tools for professional development, enhanced community involvement, and personal refreshment. This work is all done by students on a volunteer basis — they are simply amazing women!

Themes over the last several years focused on equipping women to be successful leaders and included these topics: Earn. Ask. Thrive. Success comes to those who ask; Lead with Integrity. A Legacy for Life; Purpose. Passion. Potential. The Power of your presence; Stand TallUnlock Your Potential – no matter what shoes you wear; Journey by Design; and Seeking Excellence. 2019 will be another outstanding conference; the Co-Chairs have selected the theme Embracing Eloquence. We will discover how women can use their natural strengths to thrive and when using our feminine side can actually enhance our leadership by embracing eloquence. Be your best self and succeed!

Save Saturday, April 13 and join us as we explore what Embracing Eloquence can mean for women in 2019! I’ll meet you at the Poling Center on the Spring Arbor University campus.


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