Learning Through Serving: How Working The Women In Leadership Conference Has Impacted Me

Our 2019 co-chair Nicole McCown shares her experience with the Women In Leadership Conference!
Nicole is a senior Media Communications major at Spring Arbor University, and this is her third year involved in the conference and second as co-chair! We love her passion and gentleness that she brings to every meeting and event. She makes every room feel warm, and she is truly an eloquent woman in leadership!

During my sophomore year of college, I was asked to help in a planning committee for the Women in Leadership conference. I did not have a clear notion about what the event was, or even what would be involved in planning it. Regardless, I agreed to get involved. Fast forward two years, and this is now my second year as a co chair for the conference. Thinking back on the path to today, I realize that I have grown so much through this adventure. Not only serving on the planning committee, but also hearing from the intelligent conference speakers, has inspired in me a depth of wisdom I’m not sure I would have found elsewhere.

With that said, the Women in Leadership conference has been a wonderful experience not only for me, but for many of the women behind the scenes also. What’s unique about this conference is that it is entirely planned and organized by college students. We are eager to encourage ladies to use their talents and gifts in order to lead well. We consider it pure joy to have this incredible opportunity to help meet and encourage women where they are: whether it’s by helping a stay at home mom see the beauty and value of her role as a leader, or sharing with a business professional some practical tips to use her feminine qualities to excel in her work. All women can learn something valuable from this conference.

Developing the conference has allowed me to work with a series of incredible people. Many of our speakers come from the local community and inspire economic, spiritual, and social change. Not only have I been able to hear of their success, but their relational hearts have opened up a space for me to see how incredible they are interpersonally as well as publicly. They are full of a wisdom that testifies to the richness of their life experiences.

For the 2019 conference, we have an incredible list of speakers that will challenge and inspire us to embrace our eloquent characteristics in the workplace. These are powerful leaders that show how women can truly thrive in their roles. As the final semester of my undergraduate degree comes to a close, I feel ready to carry the lessons I’ve learned from these conferences into my career. But the journey isn’t over yet. Leading the conference over the last couple years has been an experience I’ll never forget, and I want to stop and appreciate this final chapter. I hope you consider spending the day with me and so many other incredible women as we come together and discover how to lead strong, communicate well, learn humbly, and so much more.

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