Tutor Bios

Bekah Black

In several ways, I am the stereotypical English major: I enjoy a good cup of tea, get grossly passionate about my favorite novels, and am involved in a complicated love affair with semi-colons. Besides that, I love ice cream, contemporary dance, and helping people create things they’re proud of — not necessarily in that order. Stop by the Writing Center and say hi! I’d love to get to know you and that paper you’ve been worrying about; if you bring ice cream, we can stress-eat together.

Elise Emmert

I’m a junior English and philosophy double major, and I am so excited to be working at the writing center! When I’m not doing homework, I enjoy listening to Broadway music, catching up with friends, and drinking tea and coffee. I also work for the student newspaper, The Pulse. Reading has been a favorite hobby of mine since my early childhood, and I’ve been helping friends with papers since early high school. Hopefully, when you come to the writing center, we’ll both end up learning: you can teach me about the ins and outs of historical movements or social ideas or whatever else you’re studying in class, and I’ll help you with theses, essay organization, and formatting. Happy writing!

Jasmine Harper

I am studying Language Arts with a concentration in Elementary Education. As a future teacher, I really love helping others meet their goals, especially with writing. I’m also just passionate about people in general! If you meet with me, I hope you’ll leave having more confidence in your writing abilities and more appreciation for puns and dry humor. I’ll also probably want to be your friend, so hopefully you’re okay with that. In addition to working in the Writing Center, you might see me singing and playing in the Deeper Worship Band or the Gospel Choir, leading Extended Bible Study, or running with my cross country and track teammates.

Joy Richter

I think of writing as its own adventure and am stoked to work in a place where I experience this each day. As an English major I suppose it goes without saying that I love reading and writing, but it may surprise you to know that I adore a good murder mystery. I am predictably a C.S. Lewis fanatic, but I also enjoy authors Charles Todd, Jeff Shaara, and G.K. Chesterton. Talking about books and writing makes my day, so don’t be afraid to drop in if I have not yet achieved my goal of turning the library into a giant blanket fort. When I am not attempting to overthrow the White library, I can likely be found running, boxing, or pondering the peculiar nature of campus squirrels.

Conner Williams

I am a Sophomore English and philosophy double major, and I spend a lot of my time reading and writing poetry. My favorite novels are Catch-22 and The Lovely Bones, and my favorite poets are Gary Snyder, Sylvia Plath, Yeats, Auden, and Pablo Neruda. I genuinely enjoy the process of academic writing, and while I cannot transfer that enjoyment via telepathy, I can act excited enough about efficient word choice that your revision process is more bearable. When I am not participating in activities that prompt the response “of course, he’s an English major,” I spend my time playing the violin, solving crossword puzzles, listening to music, watching old movies, and gazing pretentiously into the distance. I am excited to help guide you through the daunting task of college while I figure it out for myself!