Undergraduate Research Symposium

This spring SAU will host the fourth-annual Undergraduate Research Symposium to celebrate the academic discoveries of our students.

Presentations will be approximately 15 minutes and can be in any academic discipline. We welcome poster presentations or other formats that are suited to research in your discipline.

The symposium will be run along the lines of an academic conference; there will be concurrent sessions of three or four presenters with time for questions at the end of each panel.

The symposium will be held on the afternoon of Thursday, April 5.

Submissions have been judged by the Writing Center tutors on the basis of three criteria: a compelling thesis, in-depth research (this looks different depending on the academic discipline), and clear writing. The best three submissions will receive recognition and a cash award: first essay $100, second essay $60, and the third essay $40.

To view the program, click here.

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