Welcome to the LEGO® Periodic Table of Elements! Students and faculty at Spring Arbor University (MI), students and faculty at Hardin Valley Academy (TN), and members of the community surrounding Spring Arbor have worked together to construct a periodic table entirely out of LEGO® blocks. On each elemental square has been placed a small LEGO® creation that somehow represents the element on which it has been placed. We have captured pictures of each element, which are posted below. You can learn a little bit about each element by clicking on its particular square on the table below.

You can hear a little bit about how we built the table in the video below:


You can also read more about this project by clicking here.

The actual LEGO® table is located on the second floor of the Whiteman-Gibbs Science Center on the campus of Spring Arbor University. If you ever visit Spring Arbor, be sure to drop by to visit the LEGO® Periodic Table!  Do you have any ideas for LEGO® creations to place on a particular square? If so, please let us know some ideas in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

We’d like to thank the American Chemical Society for providing a grant to support this project.