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    Francium is named after France, so we decided to place the flag of France on this element’s square. next element                           previous element


    Cesium is very rare.  However, if one could find a lump of solid cesium and throw it in water, it would certainly make an entertaining explosion.  We can predict this due to cesium’s position on the table.  It is in the alkali metal family, and therefore reacts similarly to other alkali metals.  Alkali […]


Rubidium happens to have the same initials as the most famous movie boxer ever.  Yo, Adrian! next element                                          previous element


Bananas are a rich source of potassium.  The Latin name for potassium is “kalium”. next element                                        previous element


When  a sodium atom loses an electron, it becomes a sodium ion: Na –> Na+ + electron Sodium ions are found in salt.  Thus, sodium ions are found in large quantities in ocean water. You might wonder why the symbol for sodium is “Na”.  The Latin name for sodium is “natrium”.   next element   […]


Lithium is used in batteries in cell phones. The flow of electrons through a lithium battery can be explained by the following reactions: Li (in graphite) –> Li+ (aq) + e– (half reaction at negative electrode) Li+ (aq) + e– –> Li (in CoO2 ) (half reaction at positive electrode) Overall reaction: Li(in graphite) –> […]