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    Bismuth is used in a variety of paint pigments (as is titanium and vanadium). next element                           previous element


The Latin name for antimony is stibnium.  It is used to make an alloy called brittanium, which is 92% tin and 6% antimony and 2% copper.  Brittanium is used to make the Oscar statuettes that are handed out in the Academy Awards. next element                       […]


Arsenic is a poison.  As3+ ions react with very strongly with sulfur atoms.  Proteins (molecules that are the building blocks for the structures in living things) in the body contain a lot of sulfur atoms.  When As3+ions react with the sulfur atoms contained proteins, the proteins are destroyed. next element             […]


Phosphorus is found in ammonium phosphate, (NH4)3PO4, which is used in many fire extinguishers. next element                                        previous element


Nitrogen is found in large amounts in fertilizer.  One simple example of a nitrogen-containing explosive is nitrogen triiodide (NI3).   Nitrogen triiodide, like many explosives, forms N2 gas upon detonation: 2 NI3 (s) –> 3 I2 (g) + N2 (g) The formation of N2 (g) releases almost a megajoule per mole.  This energy release upon the […]