Accreditation Information

The School of Education at Spring Arbor University has been granted probationary accreditation for the next two years by The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). The fall 2018 review by the CAEP Accreditation Council resulted in Spring Arbor University  and 52 other providers from 27 states and Puerto Rico to receive accreditation for their education preparation programs.

The Michigan Department of Education requires that all educator preparation programs be nationally accredited. Upon successfully completing the chosen program of study in which they choose to be certified, candidates participating in the Spring Arbor University School of Education accredited program will be certified by the Michigan Department of Education.

In preparation for the review visit in 2020, Spring Arbor University School of Education will be focusing on the stipulation in Standard 5 as follows:

  1. The EPP’s quality assurance system will be comprised of multiple measures that monitor candidate progress, completer achievements, and operational effectiveness.
  2. The EPP-created assessments will meet the criteria of reliability and validity so that the data from these assessments will be systematically analyzed.

Spring Arbor University joins a total of 196 other educator preparation providers nation-wide to receive CAEP Accreditation.


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