Student Teaching Information for University Supervisors

Thank you for serving as a University Supervisor for a Spring Arbor University student teaching candidate.  You serve many roles which make the placement a time of growth for the student teacher and hopefully benefits the classroom community of the cooperating teacher.  You continue to add to the future of education through your continued presence in the classroom.

The needed forms to guide you, your candidate and your cooperating teacher will come to you in a supervisor folder weeks before the placement is to begin.  The needed information to guide your supervision will be presented in a supervisor meeting before the beginning of the fall semester and in the Student Teacher Handbook.  An electronic copy is available below to allow you access to that information at any time.


  • Timeline for the Supervision of the Student Teacher – Found on page 26
  • University Supervisor as a Liaison, Mentor, Evaluator and Communicator – Found on pages 26-31


A very helpful guide to 8 week, 10 week and 15 week placements is available below:


For additional questions or concerns, please contact the Student Teaching Placement Director, John Williams (, 517-750-6631)