Student Teaching Information for Cooperating Teachers and University Supervisors

Thank you for serving as a Cooperating Teacher or University Supervisor for a Spring Arbor University student teaching candidate.  You serve many roles which make the placement a time of growth and success for the student teacher. Your efforts help shape the continuation of educational excellence we desire to be present in classrooms. Below are information / training screencasts to assist you to fulfill your role and responsibilities.


  • Student Teacher Handbook: This document outlines the expectations and responsibilities of the student teacher, cooperating teacher, school administrator, and university supervisor (STUDENT TEACHER HANDBOOK 2020-2021)
  • The overview guides below provide a week-by-week outline of the activities the student teacher is to engage in during their classroom experience, as well as weekly activities for the cooperating teacher and university supervisor to follow.


Supervisor are to use this form when completing a formal lesson observation on the student teacher. Cooperating Teachers are asked to complete one formal lesson observation using this form.

Midterm/Final Evaluation Instructions:  The School of Education uses the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching and the Educator Disposition Assessment (EDA) as assessment instruments to evaluate the student teacher’s progress. The midterm evaluations are completed at the mid-point of the student teacher’s placement and is used as a formative assessment. The final evaluations are completed at the end of the student teacher’s placement and are used as a summative assessment.  In addition to the above mentioned assessment instruments, an additional final evaluation is included that requires the cooperating teacher and university supervisor to designate whether the student teacher should be recommended for Michigan teacher certification.

Midterm and Final evaluations are completed online using VIA by Watermark. Below is a link to a VIA training video and an accompanying materials. When you open the PowerPoint if you click on VIEW tab (right top) and then NOTES PAGE (top left) it will open in a view that allows you to read some clarifying points that have been embedded into different slides.  VIA training video:

Professional Disposition: Below is a link to the Education Disposition Assessment form that may be used to document concerns regarding the student teacher’s professional attitudes and/or actions. If such concerns arise please contact the director of student teaching immediately.

Initial Visit and Visitation Forms (Fill-able Word documents)

For additional questions or concerns, please contact the Student Teaching Placement Director, Richard Bradstreet (, 517-750-6410)