Student Teaching Internship Information for Initial Certification Candidates

Welcome to your student teaching semester.  The needed information about student teaching can be found in the Student Teacher Handbook on the pages listed below.  You will receive a copy of the handbook at your placement interview one semester before you student teach.  An electronic copy is available below.  (Needed forms will be provided during the Placement Interview and Initial Interview with your University Supervisor.)


A very helpful guide to 8 week, 10 week and 15 week placements is available below:


Refer to the Student Teaching Handbook for the following information:

  • Placement Procedures, Registration and Weeks (pages 4-6)
  • Qualifying for Student Teaching (pages 7-9)
  • Expectations, Evaluations and Certification (pages 11-18)


Student Teaching Application

Complete all elements below.  Submitted applications must be typed, including course lists.