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The LEGO creation in the upper right hand corner of this element looks like the symbol for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  Livermorium is named after Lawrence Livermore.


Flevorium is named after the Russian scientist Gregory Flyorov, who worked in Dubna, Russia.


Copernicium is named after Copernicus, who first postulated that the planets revolve around the sun.    previous element


Roentgenium is named after the discoverer of X-rays, Wilhem Roentgen. next element                                                          previous element


Darmstadtium is named after Darmstadt, Russia.  The LEGO creation on this square looks much like the Wedding Building, a famous attraction in Darmstadt. next element                                               previous element


Meitnurium is named after Lise Meitner, the great woman scientist. next element                                                previous element


Hessium is named after the German state of Hesse.  The coat of arms of Hesse has a lion on it. next element                                   previous element


Bohrium is named after Neils Bohr, who proposed the Bohr model of the atom.  It looks like the electron is in the n = 3 Bohr orbit. next element                                     previous element


    Seaborgium is named after Glen Seaborg, who discovered more elements than anyone else.  Seaborg was an avid hiker. next element                               previous element


    Dubnium is named after Dubna, a town in Russia where many elements have been discovered.  The minifigure is holding the flag of Dubna. next element                                      previous element