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    Promethium is named after Prometheus, the character in Greek mythology who stole fire from Mount Olympus.   next element                                         previous element


    Neodymium is used in the strongest magnets known (neodymium magnets).  These magnets are made from an alloy of neodymium, boron and iron (Nd2Fe14B).   next element                                         previous element


    Praseodymium absorbs yellow light very well.  Welders use it in their goggles so as to block the bright yellow flame of a blow torch.  This allows the welders to more easily see what they are welding. next element                               […]


Cerium is used in self-cleaning ovens, where it catalyzes the breakdown of hydrocarbons to prevent their buildup within the oven.  A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a reaction by participating in the reaction, but the catalyst is not used up during the reaction. next element                 […]


  Lanthanum is used in mischmetal, which is an alloy of rare earth metals.  Commonly 50% Ce and 25% La with other elements.  Mischmetal is used as the flint in lighters.   next element                                         previous […]