Student Teaching Information for Cooperating Teachers

Thank you very much for agreeing to serve as a cooperating teacher.  Spring Arbor University recognizes and relies on your expertise to provide the needed guidance to allow your student teaching candidate to grow into a first year teacher who positively affects students.

Cooperating Teacher Training Screencast:


The needed information about student teaching can be found in the Student Teacher Handbook on the pages listed below.  You will receive a copy of the handbook when you meet your candidate for the first time several weeks before the placement begins.  An electronic copy is available below to allow you access to that information at any time.  (Needed forms will be provided during the Initial Interview with your University Supervisor.)


  • Overview, Orientation, Induction, Increasing Independence and The Student Led Classroom – Found on pages 32-36
  • Evaluation and Grading – Found on pages 37-39
  • Substitute Teaching Policy and Permission Forms – Found in Appendix A, page 48-50

A very helpful guide to 8 week, 10 week and 15 week placements is available below:


Student teachers have been trained to write lesson plans using the SAU Lesson Plan Template. Although most student teachers construct abbreviated lesson plans the key components of this template must be present in every lesson plan they construct.


Please use this form when completing a formal lesson observation on the student teacher.

Midterm/Final Evaluation Instructions:  Below is a link to a YouTube training video and an accompanying     PowerPoint document. When you open the PowerPoint if you click on VIEW tab (right top) and then NOTES PAGE (top left) it will open in a view that allows you to read some clarifying points that have been embedded into different slides.  The YouTube video can be viewed at:

Professional Disposition: Below is a link to the Education Disposition Assessment form that may be used to document concerns regarding the student teacher’s professional attitudes and/or actions. If such concerns arise please contact the university supervisor immediately.

Thank you again for opening up your classroom and sharing from your experience and expertise.  Your generous support, care and professional mentoring helps in preparing a new generation of classroom teachers.

Please direct any questions or concerns to your student teacher’s University Supervisor or to the Student Teaching Placement Director, Richard Bradstreet (, 517-750-6410)

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